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Today, being a remote pilot professional drone is considered one of the most promising future professions due to the great growth potential of this market. If you think drones are simple devices to handle, you are wrong. Although a drone may look like a gadget, the consequences of your actions can be serious. Indeed, the possibilities of dropping your drone represent a real risk for people who are near the place of fall, in addition to damaging equipment that can cost thousands of euros.

So to become TVdrone pilot, it is necessary to have certain skills to handle this technological equipment.

Knowing how to fly a drone is not as easy as it seems and it takes a lot of practice to be able to master this equipment. To become a drone professional, you must follow a training course combining theoretical and practical knowledge. In this way, you learn to fly a drone effectively, know the technical specifications of the device and are aware of the legislation that regulates the use of these devices. After acquiring this knowledge, it will be possible for you to become TVdrone pilot and to exercise this profession in complete safety and serenity.

  • A market estimated in 2017 at 250 million euros and growth of 20 to 30% per year
  • On average 500 euros for a half-day mission
  • Around 2500 euros gross/month

Why become a professional drone pilot?

Flying a drone as a profession is still a blue ocean with many opportunities. This new profession in several fields is in very strong expansion. Due to high salaries, it is becoming common to see people giving up their careers to become TVdrone pilot.

The use of drones in France is developing and opens several possibilities of activities for a TVprofessional drone pilot. Here are some possible areas where you could make a very good living:

Filming and photographing with a drone

The most popular activity TVpilots professionals drones is undoubtedly the field of filmography and photography, which can be used by production companies, cinema, television, events, etc. Drones are a much cheaper alternative to the helicopters that were used before and they have the ability to fly over places at low altitude allowing for quality close-ups. Today, social media and the increased use of videos have opened the door for drone professionals. Besides, of course, the possibility of working for companies by filming aerial views, you also have the possibility of capturing your own images and videos to sell them. The more creative you are, the better your salary will be!

Quality obtained and shots possible with a drone

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Drone deliveries

Drone deliveries are in their infancy. In 2020, the Ifood company had made a first delivery test with drones, and it was considered a great success considering the time and fuel savings generated. Amazon tries also to drone delivery. Tests are also underway in other companies around the world and, probably in the next few years, a drone will deliver the orders you have placed. Cheaper for the company, cheaper for the consumer, and for you as TVdrone pilot, a great opportunity to work and earn a good living.

The event industry

In 2021, when from the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, 1824 drones were used to film beautiful images from the sky. Drones are also used in football matches, weddings, parties and festivals to fly over venues, filming the audience and capturing fantastic images that can be projected in real time on the screen, in addition to being used later as marketing video.

Many artists, singers and DJs also use drones to record and capture footage of their shows. Literally, the sky has no limits for the use of drones in events.


Agriculture is one of the main economic sectors in France and now, with drones, it is possible to unite technology and traditional agriculture.

Drones have the ability to spray crops, but their activities go far beyond that. They can monitor crops, help measure soil quality, monitor livestock, help measure air humidity or determine damage caused by climatic problems. These are some of the possible operations in this area with a drone.


The private and public security sector is rich in employment opportunities for TVdrone pilots. Indeed, you can choose to work for the government, private companies, industrial areas, rural areas or even on university campuses. The TVdrone pilots who work in security can be hired by anyone who needs to secure a site through active surveillance.

Aerial mapping

Aerial mapping with drones offers a higher quality of view than that used by satellites or aviation, in addition to being cheaper. It can be used for the purpose of acquiring land information before the implementation of a project. This is useful in various fields such as agronomy, infrastructure, environment or civil construction. Areas where projects involve a lot of money are very promising for TVdrone pilots.

How to become a drone pilot?

The use of drones is governed by many rules. Not respecting them exposes you to penalties that can range from the confiscation of your drone up to 45,000 euros in fines and 1 year in prison in the event of a violation of an overflight ban.

L’European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) has drawn up specific regulations for the use of drones according to their mass, their speed and their dangerousness (dangerousness concerns in particular the risk of falling on people). Although it is not mandatory to take courses to train as TVpilot of drones under 800g, it is essential to be trained and have knowledge of their handling, parameters and other details that involve the navigation of drones. Note thatbeyond 800g, training is mandatory to fly a drone whether for leisure or as TVprofessional pilot.

To become TVprofessional drone pilot, you must declare your activity to the DSAC – Direction de la Sécurité de l’Aviation Civile, follow theoretical training in TVpilot, make a Declaration of Level of Skills with the DGAC – General Directorate of Civil Aviation – and make sure that your drone has the mandatory safety equipment.

In addition, it is necessary to take out civil liability insurance, which covers damage to third parties in possible accidents. For the activities of TVmore complex pilots, it is necessary to obtain a license and a minimum experience of flying drones.

The drone is an expensive instrument and not always easy to master, so there is a risk that something goes wrong and you end up dropping the device. Therefore, you must follow drone training, supervised by professionals to allow you to improve your control of the device, your aerial photography techniques and learn to fly safely.

The final word :

While some professions are losing ground to technology, others, particularly those related to innovation, are gaining notoriety. This is the case of TVdrone pilots. The drone market is growing owing to its multiple possibilities and the global market is estimated to reach the $42.5 billion mark in 2025 according to Research and Marketresearch.

Currently, drones can be used in various sectors (such as agriculture, security, terrain mapping, image capture for parties, events, film productions, among others) and shave safe and economical alternatives for shooting. For this reason, the demand for TVdrone pilots increases and according to several experts, it promises to be a great job with a future.

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