Jennifer Aniston can’t do without this collagen powder to keep in shape

Published on November 23, 2022 at 2:54 p.m.

Jennifer Aniston can't do without this collagen powder to keep in shape

Health, wellness, and beauty, the Friends star swears by the benefits of Vital Proteins collagen powder, the category leader in the United States

A true anti-aging ally, we no longer present the benefits of collagen on skin and hair. An essential source of hydration, it helps fight against sagging skin, but also proves to be an excellent asset for health and well-being, in particular for athletes who would like to prevent and avoid joint pain and injuries.

Popularized within the beauty industry, collagen is very often found in many creams and serums that boast of its anti-wrinkle and youthful properties. Although effective, dermal application is not the only way to take advantage of the benefits of this active ingredient naturally produced by the body, which gives structure, elasticity and renewal to the skin, but also to the muscles, joints, and bones.

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Indeed, it is just as possible to increase the benefits of collagen tenfold by consuming it directly from the inside, like Jennifer Aniston, who adds a dose of collagen powder Vital Proteins in his coffee.
If at 53, the American actress shines, it is indeed thanks to her impeccable lifestyle. Sporty and passionate about health, Jennifer Aniston is convinced of the benefits of Vital Proteins collagen powder, which she consumes daily to keep in shape and take care of her physical health.
Having become the brand’s creative director in 2020, she says she wants to democratize simple and effective ways to integrate collagen into her daily routine.

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In the form of an unflavored powder, Vital Proteins collagen acts directly from within to more easily reach targeted connective tissues such as the skin, muscles or appendages, and helps maintain normal bones and muscles. . A source of hydration and suppleness for the skin, it gives it a visibly more elastic and less tired appearance, while the nails and hair are stronger and more resistant from a few weeks of use.

To be incorporated into hot or cold drinks, in salads, desserts, or even in shakers after a sports session, a dose of Vital Proteins collagen every day is enough to get back in shape and observe significant results on the skin and joints. hair.

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