Injections, microneedling, led… We tested 5 high-tech spa treatments

To plump up the epidermis

Injections of prophilo at Aesthé

The place. Designer furniture and contemporary works, the atmosphere is serious, but cool, like Dr Arnaud Lambert, co-founder, aesthetic doctor, lecturer and teacher at the University of Paris-Est Créteil.

Care. A hyaluronic acid highly concentrated fluid is injected into the dermis for intense rehydration, combined with stimulation of collagen synthesis. The doctor injects in five points, between the oval and the cheekbones. The pain is very tolerable. Schedule two sessions spaced a month apart, then one every 6 to 8 months.

The result. We come out with small balls visible at the level of the injection zones, but that does not oblige us to hide. The next day, we find a normal face. On the benefits side, you feel more material under the skin, the features are less hollowed out, without modifying the volumes.

€600 for the two syringes, the 30-minute session. 29, rue François-Miron, Paris-4th.

©Thomas Reka

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To transform the texture of her skin

Renew Cellular at Cible Skin

The place. Co-created by a pharmacy graduate, the space is soothing thanks to a decoration with wavy lines, mixing wood and velvet. The house has also just opened a boutique next door offering its brand new range of cosmetics.

Care. After a skin diagnosis carried out using a device, it’s time for treatment. On the menu, radio frequency to stimulate fibroblasts, exfoliating mask and Mesojet (this tool propels air to detoxify and drain the epidermis, and micro-droplets of water to exfoliate). It’s cool, but painless. Then the device projects a serum containing a patented technology to boost the immunity of the skin. Just before applying the cream and a homemade eye creaman anti-aging LED session completes the treatment.

The result. To the touch, the epidermis is ultra-soft, the skin texture refined (even more the next day) and the features are slightly smoothed, especially in the nasolabial folds.

€480 for a 1 hour treatment. 31, rue François-1er, Paris-8th,

©Wu Chen

To detoxify your skin

An anti-aging Hydrafacial at Innerskin

The place. A cabin in the corner installed by the brand in the new Wellness Gallery of Galeries Lafayette Paris Haussmann to democratize aesthetic treatments. Admittedly, we are in a department store, but once the door is closed, we feel good.

Care. A Hydrafacial ++. Using the device (machine with tips allowing, depending on the stages of the treatment, to suck up impurities on the surface of the epidermis or to infuse suitable solutions), the pro begins by cleaning the skin, followed by a peeling with glycolic and salicylic acids, then it continues with an extraction (still with the machine) in order to eliminate excess sebum and blackheads. She then applies an anti-aging treatment (called Booster), before applying a formula with moisturizing and protective peptides. Finally, while the regenerating LEDs are left to act, she massages the scalp, a very welcome bonus in this very effective, but not particularly sensory treatment.

The result. Some slight redness is possible, but not systematic. On the other hand, we immediately feel that the skin is nickel. The next day, the complexion is really clearer and the pores unclogged. To be renewed every 1 to 3 months.

€230 for a 1 hour treatment. Innerskin at the Galeries Lafayette Wellness Gallery, 40, boulevard Haussmann, Paris-9th.


To refresh mine

Oxyface at Lazeo

The place. Founded by Dr. Bernard Sillam, who created his own Parisian clinic twenty-five years ago, Lazeo is established throughout France with around a hundred centers for aesthetic medicine and hair removal.

Care. After careful make-up removal, a Dermapen (pen equipped with very fine needles) is passed over the entire face to create micro-perforations and boost the penetration of the active ingredients applied afterwards. It’s totally painless. The pro continues with the high-pressure oxygen spray combined with a serum inspired by mesotherapy, then with the application of a bio-cellulose mask with hyaluronic acid, which allows the skin to better capture oxygen. The face is then placed under a bubble which diffuses negative ions and thus promotes cell regeneration, while an LED session boosts the effects of the treatment.

The result. The next day, the complexion looks much brighter, more even

€180 for a 40-minute treatment.

To light up the complexion

Gold Peel at Skincare Agency

The place. Created by two entrepreneurs with a passion for aesthetics, this Haussmann apartment takes up the codes of a luxury hotel with an intimate setting and a VIP welcome.

Care. It starts with a microneedling. The contact of the small needles on the eye contour and the forehead is not very pleasant (but bearable!). The doctor then massages botulinum toxin on the face: very diluted, it does not paralyze the muscles, but improves the quality of the skin on the surface. This is followed by the application of a gentle peeling and the application of a retinoic acid poultice which must be kept for 8 hours. It’s discreet (flesh-colored), but the finish is a bit greasy and shiny (it sticks to glasses, so avoid it on a big meeting day). A LED session concludes the treatment.

The result. The skin peels a little during the following days (use soft products, otherwise it tingles, and a mineral anti-UV protection), but you can apply make-up as usual. Gradually, fine lines appear less marked, and the face visibly gains in radiance.

€550 for a 1 hour treatment. 17, rue de la Trémoille, Paris-8th arrondissement.

©Sylvie Jouin

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