In turn, Billie Eilish falls for the W blush technique

Published on August 03, 2022 at 10:31 am

  Billie Eilish

Billie Eilish Р©instagram @billieeilish

On her Instagram account, the singer appeared with one of the most popular makeup trends of the season: the W blush for a subtly rosy complexion.

If summer is well and truly installed and the mercury shows record temperatures, many of us are still looking gloomy. To remedy this, there is no question of exposing yourself to the sun for hours and risking an unfortunate sunburn. The blush remains the best solution to display a subtly rosy complexion. If the techniques to apply it are numerous, there is one that is unanimous among Internet users and celebrities: the technique of W blush. Viral on TikTok, this way of applying your blush guarantees an immediate sunburn effect without risking depleting your sun capital. The last celebrity to have fallen for this technique? Singer Billie Eilish.

How to adopt the W blush technique like Billie Eilish?

On her Instagram account, the singer appeared with a rosy complexion that perfectly imitated the rays of the sun on her skin. To reproduce this technique, nothing could be simpler: equipped with a liquid blush or powder and a suitable brush, simply apply the product from the top of one cheekbone to the other, passing through the nose, all forming a W. To avoid overloading the face, we think of blending the blush well and applying make-up in the light of day rather than that of the bathroom. And now, voila.

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