In 2022, foundation makes a stain

Published on September 16, 2022 at 12:48 p.m.

In 2022, foundation makes a stain

In 2022, foundation stains – © @haileybieber

Faced with new trends acclaimed on social networks, foundation no longer seduces as before. For some professionals, this cult product no longer has a place in our vanity. Explanations.

the face powder, It’s finish. According to the latest beauty trends, this product would no longer have a place in our vanity. The time is natural. In the sights of the younger generation? The ” clean look “. This beauty treatment inspired by that of the no make-up emphasizes fresh complexion and natural facial features with just a few products. A sleek and minimalist look that favors well-groomed skin rather than elaborate makeup. On TikTok, the hashtag counts at the time of writing these lines more than 100 million views. Faced with this new phenomenon, the foundation is a stain. Appreciated at the time for its covering effect that could make redness, imperfections and dullness disappear, the latter goes against new beauty resolutions today. Worse still, professionals shun him. Asked about this, Donni Davy, the make-up artist of the hit series “Euphoria”, is clear: in 2022, foundation is no longer popular. On the set, it was the director himself who opposed it. “Nowadays, we want to see the real texture of the skin on screen. So I used very light shades or else a foundation mixed with a moisturizer,” she explained to “Allure” magazine. For the popess of cosmetics, Bobbi Brown, same observation. Already in 2017, the make-up artist of the stars confided that she no longer wears foundation and only very rarely uses it on her clients. Faced with this lack of love, beauty brands are innovating and offering alternatives. Chanel has launched “Les Beiges”, a range of fluid and light foundations containing 75% water. Dior has reinvented its iconic “Dior Forever” with a formula composed of 86% floral extracts. And many skincare brands offer their tinted version.

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Foundation is dead, long live skincare

Since the covid-19 crisis and with the obligation to wear the mask, many people have abandoned makeup for skin care. In addition, the “maskne” – a mechanical acne due to the friction between the skin and the mask – has favored this phenomenon. Results ? The cosmetics industry has suffered big losses. In 2021, lipstick sales fell by -73%. Same topo for the foundation (-50%). While traditional make-up is no longer convincing, the skincare market is booming. Proof of this is that it has become the new El Dorado for celebrities. Kim Kardashian, Hailey Bieber, Millie Bobby Brown, Kate Moss… The stars all unveil their skincare line. On their campaign, they appear without makeup or retouching. In France, some cult products are even out of stock. Indeed, for a few months on TikTok, users around the world praise the merits of French care sold in pharmacies. On the application, we now speak of “skinfluencers” (understand, influencers specializing in skin issues). Today, Generation Z prefers to take care of their skin rather than camouflage it. A movement that advocates the acceptance of care and the normalization of skin problems.

Towards a normalization of skin problems

According to the Alioze beauty communication agency, more than 50% of women under 30 say they have “reduced the frequency with which they wear makeup since the health crisis”. No make-up is therefore becoming one of the biggest trends of the moment. But this phenomenon goes much further. “It’s also about inclusivity and acceptance,” says make-up artist Donni Davy. Since the end of the various confinements, many beautistas have used makeup as an expression of their creativity. It is no longer necessary to hide its imperfections. On the contrary, the time has come for the normalization of skin problems. The stars of the moment are setting an example like the influencer Addison Rae who does not hesitate to reveal her acne to her 39 million followers on Instagram. In France, artists from the younger generation like Louane are following the same path. Despite this new movement, the foundation is not dead (and fortunately). The beauty sector is moving towards a world without rules, a space of limitless creativity where all skin types must be represented… with or without foundation.

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