If your bangs bother you, here is the trendy hairstyle to adopt this summer

Published on July 05, 2022 at 11:35 a.m.

Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber Р©Instagram @kaiagerber

This summer, hair clips are making a comeback. Good news for those who find it difficult to assume their bangs during the hot season.

Summer has officially arrived! While most of us rejoice in the warmer temperatures and fast approaching holidays, others are slightly apprehensive about this time of year: fringed girls. Indeed, when it is hot and your forehead is sweaty, fringe can turn into a real ordeal. Fortunately, this summer, there is an ultra-trendy hairstyle that allows you to keep your bangs while clearing the face. It could not be easier. Just separate your hair into two perfectly equal parts and bring the bangs on each side of the face before holding it with barrettes skillfully chosen.

Who is this hairstyle suitable for?

The advantage of parting in the middle is that it is suitable for all hair lengths and types. From a short square to a wavy mane, this cut lets your imagination run wild. Depending on the style you want to flaunt, you can choose to place the barrettes near the top of the head or lower towards the ears. For an elegant look, it is recommended to moisten your comb and work the lengths with a little styling product to structure the hair or dry shampoo to give volume. One thing is certain: as this hairstyle can seem very childish, the best thing is to associate it with a minimalist and chic look for an ultra-trendy contrast.

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