I want Sophie Marceau’s cut in “La Boum”

In December 1980, France fell under the spell of Vic Beretton, the eternal teenager in “La Boum”. Under the camera of Claude Pinoteau, the young actress Sophie Marceau reveals herself successfully. Her cult replicas, her dressing room but above all her signature haircut make her the new icon. Even today his square right seduces the girls in the wind. But how to adopt it in 2022? Gianni Coppahairdresser and founder of the R’Factory salon in Paris reveals the secret of this iconic short haircut.

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The decryption of a pro

“This hairstyle stands out thanks to its classic side, very structured and timeless. It is a straight cut, not degraded, upgraded by a full and straight fringe. If you look closely, you see that everything is the same length. The goal is to enhance the mass and bring a density effect.

For who ?

“It is more suitable for straight hair. It is also an ideal haircut for structuring and adding substance to fine hair. Wavy to curly hair can also take the plunge, but it will be necessary to accept a substantial volume. In terms of the shape of the face, this hairstyle will go perfectly with oval faces where you can have fun with more or less dense and wide bangs. Same topo for round faces. This short cut will break the rounded effect on the sides, a point not to be overlooked. On the other hand, small faces will be able to swap the straight bangs for degraded locks. Thick hair can also be thinned out to avoid this undesirable helmet effect.

What about the interview?

If straight hair will have nothing in particular to do, wavy to curly hair will have to opt for special care in order to properly define the curls. The pro’s tip? “If you have thick hair, opt for creams instead. Conversely, fine hair will have to turn to jellies”

Sophie Marceau’s cut in “La Boum”: the ideal alternative for every face

The oval face

“We keep this square and slightly degrade the edges to refine the oval. We keep the straight fringe to break the rounded side of the forehead. »

round and square face

“We opt for a slightly plunging square with a slight gradient on the contours of the face in order to refine the roundness and the square side. The bangs can be straight. »

The triangular face

“For this face shape where the jaws are quite developed, we choose a square plunging to break the points of the triangle. We opt for a fringe curtain. »

Sophie Marceau’s cut in “La Boum” version 2022

Forty years later, Sophie Marceau’s cult haircut still inspires dreams. However, some more modern versions catch our eye. In our view? The short bob for those who want a shorter square or even the sliced ​​bob, a slightly layered glamorous bob. On the fringe side, we put on long and tapered versions at the tips to break this massive effect on the front of the face. To better frame the look, you can also opt for a curved fringe on the sides.

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