I want Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle in “Friends”

Season 1, episode 20. We are in April 1995. At that time, the series “Friends” is on everyone’s lips. Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe and Rachel are the new friends of millions of viewers. On the set, which welcomes the public every day, Jennifer Aniston is preparing to shoot a new episode (“the one who has a decayed dentist”). She does not know it yet, but the latter will go down in history. The reasons for such success? Her new haircut. A few days before, the star went to her friend and hairstylist Chris McMiller with a desire for a change. “I suggested that she let her bangs grow out and add some highlights, just to try something different. We cut the lengths by including different layers to blend them into the bangs – and the rest is history,” the hairstylist told “Telegraph” in 2016. A life-changing makeover. Very quickly, this degraded cut becomes a real phenomenon. It is even given a name: “The Rachel”. Even today, she remains a source of inspiration for many fashionable girls. So how to adopt it in 2022? Gianni Coppahairdresser and founder of the salon R’Factory in Paris reveals the secret of this emblematic cut.

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The decryption of a pro: what to ask your hairdresser?

“Rachel Green’s haircut in ‘Friends’ is no more and no less than a long square very degraded. This hairstyle obviously stands out for its volume, especially on the top of the hair. The little extra? The very degraded edges that frame the face. »

For who ?

“This cut is ideal for lovers of blow-drying and flat irons. It is carried out rather on a dense hair in order to control the mass and to bring a controlled volume. It is perfect for oval faces thanks to its very pronounced gradient on the sides. On the other hand, fine hair will have to opt for a less degraded cut. Same observation for square and round faces. The Rachel Haircut will amplify the jawbones too much (already well pronounced). »

What about the interview?

“The maintenance of this hairstyle is undoubtedly the key to its success. Indeed, this haircut requires a lot of brushing and styling. An aspect to take into account before going through the scissors box. And above all, we do not forget a thermo-protective spray to protect her hair. »

Jennifer Aniston’s cut in “Friends”: the ideal alternative for every face

The oval face

“We keep the degraded aspect of this long square that we can upgrade with a fringe or a lock according to our desires. »

The round face

“We degrade only from the cheekbones. You can keep this length, but no longer than the collarbone. »

Square face

“We slightly taper the whole mass (especially for fine hair), and we hide the jaws that are too pronounced with a layered cut only from the cheekbones. »

The triangular face

“We can reproduce this haircut without any problem. »

Jennifer Aniston’s cut in “Friends” version 2022

If this haircut remained cult for many years, today there are new, more modern versions. We are now talking about the cut The Modern Rachel “. In 2022, Rachel Green’s hairstyle is more subtle. What to understand? Skip the XXL volume. A trend confirmed by our expert. “To be in tune with the times, we opt for a smoother and less voluminous hairstyle (therefore less retro)”, he advises us. On the length side, the hairdresser recommends cutting below the collarbone and displaying this gradient effect rather on the tips than on the entire border.

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