I want Audrey Tautou’s short haircut

She is discreet. After years of silence, away from the spotlight and close to her little girl, Audrey Tautou made her comeback by walking for Ami during Men’s Fashion Week last June. Since the “Fabulous destiny of Amélie Poulain”, the actress has known a thousand lives. And then, faced with the media fuss, the pretty brunette preferred to disappear. But in the hearts of the French, the young woman is never far away. Moreover, she is one of the French actresses regularly copied for their haircuts. It must be said that his signature short cut is timeless. To reproduce it flawlessly, Gianni Coppa, hairdresser and founder of the R’Factory salon in Paris, gives us his good tips. Follow the leader !

What to ask your hairdresser?

” The short haircut by Audrey Tautou is what is called an ”ultra short bob”. It is always very current, provided you know how to style it and maintain it well. You have to ask for movement and lightness, which actually gives a rather tapered cut. We must avoid falling into the trap of too massive a result, which would give a plush Kiki effect. To keep a feminine cut, we are careful not to reveal too sharp contours. »

For who ?

“This haircut particularly benefits oval faces, but especially small faces because it allows them to highlight and enhance their features. On the other hand, square faces will have to opt for another cut that is a little longer. This one will amplify their already well-pronounced jawbones. »

What about the interview?

“Like all short cuts, the short bob requires regular maintenance in order to maintain this fresh effect. Ideally, it should be refreshed every 5 to 8 weeks, but it all depends on how quickly it grows back. »

Audrey Tautou’s short haircut: the ideal alternative for every face

The oval face

“It’s the winning face shape every time. Like Audrey Tautou, we dare the ultra short bob which is perfectly suited for this type of face. »

Square face

“We are betting on a gradient square slightly plunging to dress the jaws. »

The round face

“To break the round effect of the face, we opt for a short square supple and degraded at the level of the jaws. »

The triangular face

“In this case, it is necessary to analyze the tip of his face. If the tip is down, the Audrey Tautou short haircut is ideal. On the other hand, if the tip is located at the top of the face, we put on a degraded or plunging blurred square. »

How to manage to style your hair well with a short haircut?

“There are two secrets to know. First, it is necessary to prefer shiny products than matte because the matte effect will bring an undesirable ”dirty/greasy hair” effect. Then, we style her hair with her fingers. Two options are available to us: using a styling cream/paste that you apply to the ends by combing the hair with your fingers or using a styling powder – which remains the best option for me. It is applied by pressure on dry hair. This texturizes and gives substance without the powder being visible to the naked eye. »

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