“I thought I was dead”: the testimony of Luna Skye hospitalized after injections of hyaluronic acid

“Last spring, I lost a lot of weight. I did not feel very good in my body. I was stressed all the time. I wanted to get back into sport but I didn’t have the strength. During a birthday in Dubai, I meet this surgeon known in the world of reality TV. He came to inject a friend and he had more product than expected. He talks to me about aesthetic medicine, and in particular about a product based onhyaluronic acid. I understand that it is a quick, invasive, perfect solution to recover the curve of my buttocks. I don’t see the danger. They don’t explain it to me either. I don’t sign any papers. I am not told about side effects or possible complications. On the contrary, I am promised a risk-free intervention. In my head, I imagine myself already filling my absence of fat with acid, then doing sports again little by little to regain my natural muscle. That was the original plan. If I had known… I got injected for the first time and then a second time in his clinic in Paris. In total, I pay 7,500 euros for 40 syringes per buttock.

“I had bouts of intense fever for several days. I was going back and forth to the hospital. Most of the time I passed out in the parking lot.”

A month later, I resumed the sport. Very quickly, I feel pains in all the body. To me, it’s just aches and pains. The more time passes, the more I feel abnormally tired. In September, I’m going to Mexico with my assistant. On the beach, she notices red spots on my buttocks. I call my surgeon directly who prescribes antibiotics. He tells me that I have erysipelas (a bacterial infection characterized by inflammation of the skin). When I returned to the United States (Luna lives in Los Angeles, editor’s note), the infection kept coming back. I had episodes of intense fever for several days. I was going back and forth to the hospital. Most of the time I passed out in the parking lot. I remember waking up in the OR with several screaming doctors. I heard: “give her more morphine”, and on the other side: “she’s already maxed out, we’re switching to ketamine”. It was a nightmare. When I woke up, I thought I was dead. The complexity of this bacterium is that it spreads in the blood. I had sepsis. You have to know something very important: in the United States, the acid that I was injected with is prohibited, unlike in France. Today, we know how to inject this acid but not remove it. American surgeons didn’t know how to cure me. They were testing treatments on me. I was their guinea pig. Over time, my body created resistance. I became addicted to painkillers. Despite everything, I stayed in contact with my cosmetic surgeon. He advised me to go home. But what to do with dozens of infusions? Less liters of blood? Fever that doesn’t go away?

“I could no longer sit or walk. I was a textbook case for this specialist.”

After 3 months of hospitalization in Los Angeles and a stay in intensive care, my health insurance repatriated me to France. In Paris, I am looked after by Professor Atlan, head of the plastic surgery department at the Tenon hospital. When I arrived, I was malnourished, my muscles were atrophied. I could no longer sit or walk. I was a textbook case for this specialist. I underwent a first operation where he placed cannulas to break the hyaluronic acid balls. Unfortunately, there were still residues. It took a second operation in intensive service. Today, I have six large locks (large bandages, editor’s note) on each side of my buttocks. It is a system that allows nurses to perform irrigations and lavages.

In January, I finally got out of the hospital. For me, Doctor Atlan saved my life. I am still very shocked. Physically, my body is deformed. I have scars, I lost my fat, so my real butt. Psychologically, I developed several pathologies. I became agoraphobic for example. I have many anxiety attacks. I have to do rehabilitation to relearn how to walk. If I talk about it today, it’s so that it doesn’t happen again. As an influencer, I have a duty of transparency. I know that I am followed by a very young audience, and especially young girls. I have to warn them. When I see influencers promoting cosmetic surgery, it pisses me off. I know that the attractive prices of these interventions are enough to convince girls who do not have the means. An Instagram account that promises cheap injections or, worse, promotions: you have to flee. Even if he’s a friend of a friend. Surgery or aesthetic medicine must be treated seriously. This traumatic experience made me understand that I had to use my social networks wisely to do prevention on certain subjects. I know I am not an isolated case. I want my story to serve as an example”.

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