I tested the depilatory gum and it was catastrophic

This summer (like all the previous ones), hair removal has taken a big place in my daily life. And even if in today’s society, hair very clearly has its place on our body and nothing obliges us (quite the contrary) to pluck it to wear a skirt, dress or shorts, the desire to let it live fully on my legs never crossed my mind.
Despite everything, going through the beautician box for a perfect result has become, for me, a constraint more than a pleasure. The days being only 24 hours (and my laziness imposing itself more than I would like in my schedule), I often skip this step. So, I started to test all the hair removal methods to get rid of my hair myself: wax at home and shaving being my first allies in this fight.

Then one day (weeks), after several minutes (not to say hours) of scrolling the “for you” page of my TikTok account, I came across a video promoting the benefits of a revolutionary new accessory: the eraser. depilatory. And according to my screen (and the followers inside), thanks to her, I was going to say goodbye to hair and hello to baby skin. So, like many users, I let myself go on this adventure, without really knowing this product. Convinced, most certainly, by the promise of “pain-free”.

Depilatory gum: how does it work?

The principle of depilatory gum? Remove the hairs at the root using circular movements. Indeed, when we look at the product instructions, we understand the whole mechanism: the gum allows the hairs to clump together and detach from the skin without pain when rubbed gently on it. A result made possible thanks to nanocrystalline technology in particular. The only obligation when using this product is to use it in the shower or in our bath only. A constraint which, in my opinion, is not one! And that’s how in no time, I’m equipped with my depilatory eraser, ready to say goodbye to my hair.

A successful experience…

Once in the shower, I use the eraser as indicated on the leaflet: I rub gently in a circular manner on a small part of my leg. I instantly see that, as promised, the bristles cling to the “sander” part of my tool, without any pain. Miracle ! So I feel confident enough to use the gum on all of my lower legs. The result is impressive! Even if it took me longer than a simple shave, my lower legs are finally hairless. And I didn’t feel anything. Phew! Once my shower is over, I run my hand over my freshly shaved legs and – as touted on the various TikTok videos – I feel them soft and without strawberry skin effect : a first for me. As a precaution, I decided to apply a moisturizer regenerating after showering to soothe my skin and make this feeling of softness last. I am fully convinced. It’s only a few minutes later that the nightmare begins.

… until you get out of the shower

As I resume my daily routine, I suddenly feel my skin extremely tight. Serious itching appears in turn. So I take a look at my legs and there, surprise (not to say horror): I see blisters on a large part of my skin. After a personal analysis, my skin has a first degree burn. I have the reflex to apply a layer of Biafine to my wounds to soothe it. It took several hours for these blisters to disappear. Fortunately, they left me no trace.
However, at the time, I tell myself that it is most certainly normal: it is indicated on the box that it takes several uses for the skin to get used to this type of hair removal. So I try my luck again a few days later. Same verdict: blisters, burns, redness… most unpleasant (in addition to very questionable aesthetics). I come to the conclusion that my skin is not made for this eraser. And yet…

A more common phenomenon than you think

This phenomenon has happened to other users, dissatisfied with depilatory gums, regardless of the brand. Their biggest complaints, in addition to the (intolerable) burns? The lack of information regarding the adverse effects that this process can cause. But above all, the fact that some brands do not allow users to speak and block their access to comments on the platform. A method aimed at preventing them from sharing their distress? Surely. In a video signed @hamtaro_oo, we see the tiktoker explaining her experience with a depilatory gum, underlining the fact that the result was – as for me – disappointing. But above all, she denounces the impossibility of leaving her own opinion in the comments. A video viewed more than 470,000 times and now garnering more than 55,000 “likes”.

Despite this bad experience, perhaps depilatory gum remains a solution for some as long as the skin is thick enough and tolerant to strong aggressions. However, I prefer to be cautious. It is best to check with a health professional before using a similar tool. For me, the choice is made. So here I am back with my razor, tested and approved by everyone (especially my skin)!

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