I tested the ASMR massage

Published on November 13, 2022 at 1:00 p.m.

I tested the ASMR massage

I tested the ASMR massage – © DR

Appealing to the senses – and not just touch – to relax, this is the goal of Relax&sons, the first concept of ASMR massage in France. Did the session relax me or, on the contrary, stress me out? I tell you.


You see what is ASMR ? And the massage? Well, it’s a mix of both. Ok, but concretely? For information (or as a reminder), ASMR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is a relaxation technique based on sensations, through whispers and soft sounds for example. These sensory stimuli bring those who are receptive to them to a state of deep well-being. Apart from the American concept Whisperlodge which has been offering immersive performances since 2016, it is difficult to indulge in a non-virtual experience of ASMR. In any case, there were none in France until Jennifer, founder of Relax&sons, got down to it. Adept at the technique for herself, the young woman decides to retrain during the confinements. While working in the music industry, she trained in massage before launching her offer of modeling and relaxation of the senses, to be found at the Parisian natural health center Terapya. Awareness massage of the hands, rest of the face, sleep or calm of the head for 45 minutes… Holistic treatment with CBD of one hour… Signature massage of 1h45… All punctuated by ASMR relaxation thanks to different “triggers” (triggers) .


I’m not going to lie to you: I didn’t know much about ASMR, except humorous cartoonish videos, with exaggerated crumpling of packets of crisps and unbearable whispering in support. For some reason, I had never really plunged into the meanders of Youtube to relax with expert “ASMRtists”. However, I know that I am sensitive to sounds – Zen music, guided meditation or a session of sound bath can easily soothe me. Therefore, the prospect of getting a massage while listening attentively to what is happening around me did not scare me more than that.

This is exactly what I explain to Jennifer, who begins each session with a brief interview with her client. I hesitate between two 45-minute massages. Face rest? Calmness of the head? But the practitioner explains to me that she generally modulates the sessions according to the emotional and physical state of the people, using vegetable oils, gua sha, brush strokes… And in the palette of sounds: brushing (brush ), tapping (tapping objects), crackling, whispering… In short, no session is alike!

© DR

As it is an upper body massage, I can partially undress but decide to also take off my pants to make myself comfortable under the towel. I close my eyes. After a few introductory words, Jennifer sprays a mist with essential oil of lavender and vetiver, indicating the natural origin of the ingredients – as with all the products she will use. This gesture instantly creates an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. Beyond the exquisite fragrance, I feel like I can feel every drop trickling down my face and shoulders. The sensual experience has well and truly begun. Then I hear the crystal clear sound of bells or chimes near one ear, then the other, followed by unrecognizable noises. Could it be a compressed plastic bottle? Fingernail tapping on a box? Torn cotton squares? Fortunately, a pop playlist sounds in the background, which has the advantage of putting me more at ease. However, my brain continues to investigate each sound effect and I find it hard to let go. But Jennifer’s voice calmly guides my mind; I gradually decide to follow her and stop judging unknown sounds. The expert cleanses the skin with micellar water then refreshes the face with cornflower floral water. The power of scent in the protocol works well on me. I relax more and more, especially as a series of enveloping movements comes to relax my forehead, my eyes, my jaw, my neck… Jennifer’s hands glide slowly over an oily carrot macerate. Stunned by his maneuvers and his voice, I fall asleep… all of a sudden! I cannot say how long my moment of absence lasted. In any case, I wake up delighted and surprised to have succumbed so suddenly to deep sleep! Conclusion: Unfamiliar sounds can be a little disturbing when you are not used to this method, but thanks to the combination of fragrances, voice and gentle gestures of Jennifer, the ASMR massage is transformed into a holistic experience of meaning. It really makes me want to start over… and even take a closer look at ASMR!

ASMR massage, Relax&sons, €70 for 45 minutes.


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