I have soft nails, what should I do?

Published on May 27, 2022 at 5:46 p.m.

I have soft nails, what should I do?

I have soft nails, what should I do? – © Imaxtree

Hardener, vegetable oil, vitamins… Many solutions exist to treat and strengthen your soft nails. Zoom.

Do you dream of the latest fashionable manicure, the latest nail art trend or simply to have beautiful natural hands… Yes, but an obstacle stops you: your soft nails, even your brittle nails. Kartika Luyet, artistic director at Kure Bazaar shares her tips and tricks to strengthen them!

What is a soft nail?

To begin with, it is important to know that a soft nail is “a damaged nail whose different layers of keratin have been attacked or weakened”, according to the professional. Recognizable by its appearance, the nail is then less solid, it tends to split, it can bend or even break. And the causes are many.

Why are our fingernails soft?

According to the expert, “simple prolonged contact with water or chemicals” can attack the different layers of keratin and thus weaken the nail. Another factor: semi-permanent manicures repeated applications requiring aggressive acetone-based removal can also affect the health of our nails,” explains the professional. Moreover, “The use of this type of varnish on a soft or already weakened nail is not recommended, she wishes to specify. The fortifying action of this type of technique is only mechanical. On removal, the problem will still be present and untreated”. Finally, soft nails can also induce “a sulfur, iron or selenium deficiency among others”.

How to harden our nails?

The right gestures to treat soft nails

Protect your hands in all circumstances

The first thing to do when your nails are soft is obviously to protect them. For this, the expert advises the wearing of gloves for all household chores, in addition to the use of natural products in order to avoid aggression as much as possible.

Make a nail bath

A very effective little trick from grandmother for soft nails: the nail bath. To do this, simply mix a little water with lemon in a bowl and let our fingertips soak for 1 to 2 minutes. To be repeated once a day for a week to see the nails strengthen.

Massage your nails

For a healthy nail, it is imperative to take care of its matrix, in other words the birth of the nail. To do this, gently and regularly massage the root of the nail with a balm or vegetable oil. If theCastor oil is the most recognised, borage or camellia oil are also recommended, as are essential oils* of lemon or ylang-ylang (to be mixed withsweet almond vegetable oil for example). The active ingredients contained in these oils nourish the nail to help it grow back in good health.

*Always seek the advice of a doctor before using essential oils.

The right products to treat soft nails

Apply a fortifying base

Among all nail care that exist, hardeners are the best allies of soft nails. As their name suggests, they make it possible to harden the nails, to restore their strength and vitality. The expert advises applying a fortifying base every 3 days. Then to remove the product – similar to a transparent varnish or a topcoat – by removing make-up from the nails with Kure Bazaar’s detoxifying nail polish remover, for example. You can adopt this routine as a cure for 3 to 4 weeks, 2 to 3 times a year to treat the nails.

Focus on vitamins and dietary supplements

Like our hair, our nails need to be nourished from within to be healthy. And if it happens – like many other things – by a healthy and balanced diet, the expert also advises food supplements. Collagen, selenium, iron, zinc or vitamins are active ingredients that help strengthen our nails.

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