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How to retain customers? - Work clothes - Safety shoes Franck de Lesdema

How to retain customers?

No sector is spared: everywhere, it is essential to retain customers in order to guarantee long-term growth, and not to rely on paid advertising. Even after being launched, loyalty programs must be constantly updated and improved to meet customer expectations.

Typical examples may include loyalty cards, promotional programs, relationship programs, and personalized programs. The key to success is to create a personalized customer experience and strengthen the relationship between the company and its customers. With Hey Pongo, you can set up innovative and original loyalty programs (like these 5 examples) and use customer data to bring them back as much as possible.

Understand the needs of your customers

Understanding the needs and expectations of customers is essential to successfully building customer loyalty. Customer data is a very valuable tool to better understand what your customers want, what they prefer, what they consume and what they would like to consume.

You can conduct customer surveys, collect feedback and testimonials, and use data to analyze their wants and needs.

You can also segment customers according to their purchasing habits and frequencies, to address them in a more personalized way. A good loyalty program will even allow you to collect contact data, in order to launch much more effective SMS or email marketing campaigns.

Offer rewards to encourage loyalty

Once you know your customers’ needs, you need to offer rewards that encourage them to repeat an online visit or purchase. You can offer discounts, gifts, discounts, loyalty points, additional products and services, event tickets, etc.

What rewards for your loyalty program?

Rewards can be in the form of a monetary incentive (discount, coupon, voucher, etc.) or free products and services, depending on your customers’ needs. Whatever the type of reward, they must be attractive enough to incentivize becoming a loyal customer.

It is recommended to offer several levels of reward: some very easy to obtain, and others more difficult. These rewards can also be tailored to different segments of your customer base.

Use a tool to help you deliver innovative loyalty programs

To offer innovative and original loyalty programs, you need a tool that helps you manage your customers and offer them personalized rewards. Choosing a good partner is essential!

Hey Pongo is a loyalty platform that allows you to set up innovative and original loyalty programs. It gives you a variety of tools to create branded loyalty programs, manage your customers and their rewards, and track their activities. Once the customer data has been collected (in accordance with the GDPR and the regulations in force), you can relaunch your customers with hyper-effective SMS marketing campaigns!


Building customer loyalty is obviously a priority for the growth of your business. To successfully retain your customers, you need to understand their needs and expectations and offer rewards that encourage them to stay loyal. You must also use effective tools to set up innovative and original loyalty programs!

With the right tools and a little effort, you’ll be able to create a loyalty program that meets your customers’ needs, deepen relationships with current customers, and attract new ones to help grow your business long-term. business.

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