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Updated on September 30, 2022 at 11:09 am

How to remove make-up: we revise our basics!

How to remove make-up: we revise our basics! – © Imaxtree

If removing make-up every night is a well-integrated ritual, you don’t always show the same rigor as professionals, and yet it’s easy. To your (washable) cottons!

Do you know that the skin is much more vulnerable when we sleep? This is what dermatologist Pascale Neulat explains: “During the day, the skin is hermetic because it is programmed to protect itself. At night, the pores open so she can breathe. More permeable, the skin therefore risks absorbing all the dirt, including the remains of make-up. British makeup artist Lisa Eldridge writes in black and white on her blog: “Failing to remove makeup means clogged pores and breakouts, bags under the eyes and fine lines. In short, a good cleanse keeps your skin looking healthier and younger for longer. »

Clean your skin well the evening is therefore essential because, in addition to make-up, it eliminates all traces of pollution, sweat, sebum or dead skin, accumulated during the day.

Choose the right makeup remover

“Finding the make-up remover that suits your skin type is as important as choosing your day cream,” said Peter Philips, creative and image director for Christian Dior make-up. Everything is a question of comfort, but also of skin type. And if it is possible to have your own homemade makeup remover for a tailor-made treatment on the shelves of our favorite boutiques, there are several textures. Which one to choose ?

micellar water

Designed to quickly eliminate model makeovers during the frenetic pace of Fashion Week shows, themicellar water quickly infiltrated our bathrooms. Somewhat controversial now, it is not bad for the epidermis and “suitable for all skin types, especially sensitive and dry skin,” dermatologist Nadine Pomarède told us recently. But for that, you have to use it well. Indeed, it is essential to rinse the product well after application with a thermal water sprayer for example, then dry by lightly patting the face.

Cleansing milks

These make-up removers have the advantage of an ultra-soft texture. They are suitable for all skin types depending on their formula. To be used with a cotton pad (preferably washable and reusable) and circular gestures to remove all the impurities accumulated throughout the day.

Cleansing oil

The make-up remover oil dissolves make-up (even waterproof) and leaves skin clean. We like its economical side (2 drops of product are enough) and ecological side (it is used by hand). Trendy and effective, the cleansing oils aren’t just for dry skin. There are many formulas, some of which emulsify with water and hydrate without leaving a greasy film.

The best way to remove make-up zone by zone

Cleanse your mouth properly

Milk or micellar water, for the lips, the choice of texture depends above all on the comfort of each one. If we wear a long lasting lipstick, it is removed using a cotton pad impregnated with make-up remover that is passed on both sides of the mouth by pressing it lightly. Then, we remove the excess by pinching a second cotton between the lips.

Take good care of your eyes

This hypersensitive area of ​​the face requires conscientious make-up removal. In order to respect the most fragile eyes, some make-up removers are specially formulated with cornflower extracts, known for their soothing and decongestant properties. There are also so-called two-phase formulas, mixing oil and water, overcoming the most stubborn make-up such as greasy make-up, waterproof mascara and even the fake eyelashes !

The right gesture to remove make-up from the eye without irritating it and tearing out your eyelashes? Soak a cotton pad in make-up remover and place it on the eye. Leave to act for ten seconds, lightly massaging the eyelid. “Like sugar in coffee, make-up melts into the make-up remover,” describes dermatologist Pascale Neulat. Then, to get rid of the residue, the cotton is removed by pressing it lightly on the closed eyes.

Cleanse the complexion well

Be gentle! Although it may seem obvious, we avoid too aggressive gestures to remove make-up at the risk of seeing our skin respond by blushing or producing a excess sebum. If you are a fan of oils, massage the product with your fingertips to loosen pigments and dirt, emulsify with a little water to create a fine foam then rinse with lukewarm water. If you prefer micellar waters, pass the cotton by gently massaging the face from the inside out. We repeat this gesture without forgetting the neck, until the cotton is clean.

How to conclude a good make-up removal?

Some makeup removers do not act as a cleanser. For this, it is recommended to adopt the routine of double cleaning. It is thus a question of continuing the make-up removal with a good skin Cleaning using a foam or a dermo-cleansing gel. Finally, to remove all product residues, we pass a tonic lotion with a cotton pad or rinse your face with cool water which helps to stimulate blood microcirculation. If your tap water contains limescale which dries out the skin, the ideal is to generously spray the face with an atomizer ofthermal water then to soak up the drops using a paper handkerchief.

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