How to properly store your makeup?

Updated on August 12, 2022 at 5:42 p.m.

Mascara, lipstick, nail polish... How do you properly store your make-up?

Mascara, lipstick, nail polish… How do you properly store your make-up? – © iStock – loonara

As a good self-respecting beautysta, we say stop to make-up upside down. To properly store your makeup, here are some ideas, tips and advice from the pros!

As a true make-up addict, we collect varnishes, eye shadow palettes and more. sun powders. A lipstick here, a mascara there… but over time the products accumulate and clutter up our drawers and numerous cases. Not to mention our accessories: brushes, beautyblender and other make-up remover fabrics scattered all over the place. The worst part of it all? We use again and again our favorites and we neglect the rest to such an extent that we no longer know what is hidden in our cave of beautysta. The solution ? Tidy up your make-up to transform this clutter into a sublime store display. How ? Thanks to the wise advice of a storage pro, Pauline Levasseur, founder of By Pauline“the network that organizes your daily life”.

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How to properly store your makeup? The key steps

To properly store your makeup, the storage expert reveals her tips in 4 steps to follow. Attention: we do not squeeze any, they are all essential!

Step 1: Gather your makeup

To start, it is imperative to group all of our make-up in one place. Let’s go, we go hunting for make-up and we collect everything lying around in the cases, in the handbags, in the drawer of the bathroom, and even in the bedroom or in the entrance… The goal? Facilitate the next step.

Step 2: Sort your makeup

The second step, and not least, is to sort our makeup. And this, in 4 categories (and as many good reasons to do so) according to the expert.

  • To throw away : Because make-up (like medicine) expires! Whether you have fragile skin, or even atopic skin, or not, it is strongly advised to ban products whose date has passed. Most of the time, a logo on the tube of your beauty products indicates the number of months to use them after opening. The changing smell and texture are also good clues.

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  • To give: Because we don’t like waste, what can be given must be given. To a sister, a friend, an association… we place here all the make-up in good condition which we know we will never need because it is duplicated (or even tripled) or simply unsuitable for our skin tone, complexion, style… and also to our desires, because we all have our favourites.
  • Keep : Because it is essential to our beauty routine (even light) and that to properly store your make-up, you need make-up. We keep what we use every day. Note also: it is better to have the essentials of good quality than tons of products…
  • To book : Because we always have more makeup than we need. This does not mean that it will never be useful to us. We keep what will be used and we open it on one condition: that the products started are finished.

Step 3: Choose the right place to store your make-up

“Where do we put our make-up?” “. To answer this question, the expert advises instead to ask yourself: “where do you put your makeup on in the morning? “. In our bedroom, sitting at our dressing table? If the choice is up to us according to our respective habits, Pauline prefers the bathroom: “because make-up stains and we quickly drop a mascara, a lipstick or even powder on the ground”. Let’s avoid disasters, right? Moreover, we are not immune to a crooked movement. In this case, “we often need a little makeup remover or a piece of cotton for possible remedial action”. We also need good lighting. Finally, our bathroom is often equipped with cupboards such as the bathroom cabinet. Shallow, it is very accessible and allows ideal storage.

Step 4: Put away your makeup

Last step, the one we’ve been waiting for since the beginning: storage. For this, we provide small bins, preferably transparent, and we assign one to each category: lipsticks, compacts, eye shadows, mascaras or eyeliners… makeup brushes, we take pots that are also transparent. The whole thing being that the container is not too big, that the products stand upright and that they can be identified and caught easily. The goal? “Find what you need at first glance and take it with a single gesture”. Above all, we save time.

Other pro tips for properly storing your makeup?

To avoid reaching extreme situations, the first piece of advice or “nerve of war” as Pauline likes to call it, remains to limit the number of products as much as possible. “On the one hand, it’s easier to manage, and on the other, you save money,” she says. Yes, what is the use of sleeping money? The key: we only buy what we need.

Moreover, before buying, you can give a second life to the boxes you already have on hand. Indeed, “in a closed cupboard, the aesthetic side is not essential, I collect boxes of cotton swabs or glass jam jars”, explains the expert. A useful and eco-friendly tip at the same time.

Finally, you can put together a kit for holidays and weekends. Especially if there are duplicates. No more unpacking everything every time you move. Everything remains in place for our greatest pleasure.

Where can I find makeup storage?

  • : site specializing in storage offering the ideal compartments and in all formats for make-up (and for the whole house).
  • Muskhane : decoration store offering unique storage.
  • : interior and exterior decoration site offering storage objects.
  • Or in all the major brands such as Ikea, Maison du Monde, Alinéa, Casa or Hema.

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