How to properly remove your Halloween makeup?

Updated on October 17, 2022 at 5:34 p.m.

How to properly remove your Halloween makeup?

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In a few days, you may transform into Queen of Hearts, Mermaid, Witch or any other Halloween makeup. You will spend a more or less long time to realize your masterpiece and just as much to remove it. So here are our tips to avoid leaving glitter and other green (or white or red) creams on your pillows.

Opt for triple cleaning

Normally, when applying make-up, it is essential to remove everything carefully at the end of the day. But with a face painted in white, black or any other unusual colors, it is better to opt for the double cleaning or even triple. To do this, start by removing as much material as possible using a cotton ball and a cleansing milk. Then we continue with a cleansing oil, softer, which will eliminate all the most encrusted residues. Finally, we polish with a micellar water or a tonic lotion. And if the makeup is really stubborn, a gentle exfoliation may be welcome. On the eye side, it is better to opt for a specific two-phase make-up remover. This area is often the most made up and also the most sensitive, we remain vigilant.

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Extra gesture: for purists, a pschitt ofrose water organic is ideal. This water soothes the skin, removes the limestone left by tap water, tightens the pores and plays the effect of an excellent antioxidant.

Invest in duct tape

Difficult to imagine a Halloween makeup without sequins? It’s understandable but, in the end, it’s often annoying. No matter how careful we are with our make-up removal, after a few days we always find a small shiny particle here and there. The solution: invest in an adhesive tape to capture the stubborn spangle.

To know : for those who do not see what they could then do with adhesive tape, know that it can be very useful to perfectly draw your eyeliner.

Hydrate and soothe

Finally, because we’ve inflicted paint, glitter, sweat, and heavy cleansing on our skin in the span of a few hours, it’s imperative to pamper it. And for that, nothing like a good dose of hydration. We then put on a face mask if we have the time (and the courage). Even better, if it’s late, you can opt for the famous sleeping packs, these ultra-rich creams that have the effect of a mask applied all night long. Finally, the days that follow, we make sure to let our skin breathe and take good care of it with our usual serum and cream.

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