How to make a pimple disappear quickly

How to make a pimple disappear quickly?

Saying goodbye to an imperfection in 5 minutes flat is an impossible mission. In contrast, get rid of a pimple overnight ? It’s possible… or almost! Indeed, a pustule, whatever its type, does not disappear as if by magic, but its appearance can quickly and visibly be reduced thanks to the right gestures and the right products. So, to control these inflammations of the hair follicles, we can apply four treatments: “benzoyl peroxide, sulfur, essential oil of Tee Tree or evensalicylic acid », Explains Dr.Patel, dermatologist and founder of the Visha Skincare brand, interviewed by our colleagues from the American ELLE. However, one thing should be remembered: it is advisable to start by cleaning your face using a cleansing treatment after removing make-up in order to allow the treatment to act correctly and, thus, put the odds on our side.

Get rid of a pimple according to its type

In order to choose the most suitable treatment for the imperfection that troubles us, it is good to identify its origin and type. Indeed, the treatment protocol is different whether we are talking about a white or red comedone, or even a cyst or a cold sore.

How to make a white pimple disappear?

Do you have an ultra-important appointment that you can’t show up with that unsightly button? We understand you, but avoid giving in to the temptation to pierce it, at the risk of seeing bacteria proliferate. First, make sure your face is perfectly clean. Clean it with a cotton ball soaked in a micellar lotion enriched with zinc and copper. Then, use a hot water compress, and place it on your skin. It will open your pores. Apply using a cotton swab, a little essential oil of tea tree (tea tree) on the area to be treated, it will cleanse and dry the pimple. By repeating this gesture twice a day, the white tip will gradually retreat. 1 for you, 0 for the pustule.

Our advice: sometimes excessive hygiene can lead to dryness which ends in a excess sebum produced by your skin. To clean it, prefer soft lotions and do not apply products that are too aggressive. Finish your routine by spraying yourself with a spray of thermal water and pat yourself dry with a single-use handkerchief.

How to make a red pimple disappear?

We see it, it happens little by little, and it begins to be voluminous. The red button is problematic. Firstly because it is visible, secondly because it is painful and, icing on the cake, it makes us resist. The solution to get rid of it lies first in a good cleaning of the skin, but be careful, cleaning does not mean attacking. Use micellar water to remove your makeup properly. Then, tap on your face, ice cubes previously wrapped in a cotton cloth, to calm the inflammation. If your pimple is really very red, opt for an antibiotic cream prescribed by a dermatologist. It will quickly make your papule disappear while healing the area. The next day, use a moisturizer, it will calm your skin and nourish it. And don’t forget, the key to the problem lies first in a balanced dietbut also in an adapted beauty routine.

How to make an encysted pimple disappear?

It points the tip of its nose but remains under the skin, hurts and creates an irregularity in the grain… Yes, it is indeed a microcyst. This very palpable closed comedo that ruins our lives. To make it disappear quickly, you must start by exfoliating your face with products that are gentle on the skin. In the evening before going to bed, apply a AHA cream (glycolic acid, lactic acid, citric acid…). Its components will ripen the cyst and (don’t panic) cause it to appear at the same time. Again, do not fiddle with them! In the morning, rinse your face with micellar water (always), and remember to hydrate yourself with creams dedicated to your skin type.

If all goes well, you will see the results after a maximum of one month of treatment. If not, consider consulting a dermatologist to prescribe a more targeted routine. Courage, everything comes at the right time to those who know how to wait.

How to make a cold sore disappear

Herpes labialis type 1 has the charming particularity of appearing without warning. To overcome it from the first tingling, apply an ice cube (and try to leave it on as long as possible). Then, use a cotton swab to apply organic niaouli essential oil, which dries up the cold sore and boosts the body’s natural defences. If you are pregnant, or you can’t stand essential oils, fall back on honey, a powerful antiseptic that you can brush on your lips several times a day.

If you prefer pharmaceutical treatment, bet on effective patches for 12 hours. They will allow you to treat the area while giving you the opportunity to make up your lips. Neither seen nor known !

Grandma’s best tricks for drying out a pimple


Beauty bloggers and youtubers say yes, dermatologists say no. In reality, it depends on your skin type. It is true that toothpaste dries out pimples, but not without risks. Because fluorine and the chemical agents it contains have irritating properties and can even discolor the most sensitive skin. If you really want to try this technique, prefer an organic, white and fluoride-free toothpaste, which will act more gently.

white vinegar

Using a cotton ball soaked in white vinegar, gently tap your blackhead for a few minutes to dry it out and make it disappear. Rinse with clear water.

lemon juice

Our grandmothers thought directly of freshly squeezed lemon juice. If it has an antibacterial action in addition to allowing the pimple to dry out, lemon is an acidic citrus fruit that could attack our skin. Use with caution, therefore.

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How to hide a pimple with makeup?

You have tried everything but your button is resisting? To help you survive this unfortunate experience, make-up artist Suzana Nguyen gives you some make-up tips to apply (after first applying a base or foundation oil): “To camouflage a pimple as much as possible, first use place one concealer green if it is very red, or orange if it is starting to heal, tap and do not spread, at the risk of losing coverage. Lightly blend around the pimple so that the material blends with your complexion. Then apply a corrector of the color of your skin, blend again using a beauty blender. Finish with a veil of loose powder to fix the correction. » If you want to make a few small touch-ups, avoid repeating the operation several times during the day, because the more layers you accumulate, the more your skin is asphyxiated.

Our advice: prefer non-comedogenic products, formulated so as not to clog pores.

Finally, to make pimples disappear, it is also and above all necessary to treat the source of the problem.

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