How to improve indoor air quality in a company?

It’s not an open secret! The productivity of a company depends on the well-being of its team. Speaking of well-being, one of the determinants of worker health is indoor air quality.

Often overlooked, indoor air quality in offices and workspaces has a significant impact on worker health. Poor air quality can disturb employees in their concentration or lead to allergic pathologies for sensitive people.

To do this, it is important to find the ways and means to guarantee quality air within your company. We will help you with this in the following section.

Indoor air quality in companies: what is the interest?

Above all, it is important to emphasize that air quality is a real issue for the well-being of employees within a company. Preserving good indoor air quality is part of a process of Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR).

This approach demonstrates the company’s responsibility and its benevolence towards its employees and their working conditions. This is moreover provided for by the provisions of the Labor Code in its article R4222-3. When the employer makes sure to respect these provisions, he makes the task easy for the employees.

These in return will proof of performance to increase business performance. There are a few effective ways to improve indoor air quality in the workplace.

What are the means used to improve indoor air quality in the workplace?

Healthy air affects employee satisfaction. The employer must therefore create this fulfilling atmosphere for its employees. To achieve this, the first accessory to be used is the professional air purifier. This device that you can have installed thanks to igienair is indicated to renew the air in the enclosures of your offices and workspaces.

Its operation will eliminate dust, volatile compounds, molds and other contaminants from the indoor air of your business. This will undoubtedly prevent absenteeism of your employees for health reasons and positively influence the workplace.

Apart from an air purifier, it is also important to improve the ventilation of your premises of work. A good ventilation system will extract the air inside your offices and reject it outside. At the same time, it will bring fresh air. The installation and maintenance of ventilation systems are indoor air quality services offered by Igienair.

Thanks to quality services, this group puts its expertise to the benefit of professionals in order to make work environments healthier. Another simple trick to preserve indoor air hygiene in the workplace is adding some plants. The latter represent an excellent solution to purify the environment of your offices.

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