How to have shiny nails?

Updated on August 24, 2022 at 6:07 p.m.

How to have shiny nails?

How to have shiny nails? – © Imaxtree

It’s not always easy to keep nails shiny. We go on applying nail polish without ever doing a detox and we don’t have enough time to take care of our nails. So inevitably, these become weak and dull. How to make them shiny with or without varnish? We follow the advice of Alexandra Falba, OPI expert manicure.

Shiny nails without varnish: the natural method

We hydrate

To have a naturally shiny nail, it must be properly hydrated. “A nail that receives enough fatty substances will have a smoother surface and a more satin finish,” explains Alexandra Falba. Every evening before going to bed, we therefore apply a Hand cream and for the nails or a special nail and cuticle oil like those in the range OPI Pro Spa. The opinion of the pro: “I have a preference for creams because they contain emollient agents which soften the skin and promote the penetration of active ingredients. »

We polish

Our ally to shine? The polisher. Its rendering almost equals that of a top coat. We choose a very soft one with an ultra-smooth plasticized surface that allows you to work on the first layer of keratin on the nail. The right thing to do between once a week and twice a month: sweep quickly from left to right without pressing too hard. The effect is immediate and the shine can last five to six days if you choose the right polisher. The pro’s opinion: “We avoid those that have four sides and are often too abrasive”. The goal is not to obtain brittle nails afterwards.

Shiny nails with varnish: a successful manicure

The base

For a successful application of nail polish with an ultra glossy finish, you should know that the smoother and more regular the surface of the nail, the more light reflects on it. The pro’s opinion: “If we have a ridged nail or matte, we choose a filling base for uneven nails. Its texture will be thicker than a classic base because it often contains a silk protein derivative. » The surface of the nail is already more conducive to shine.

The nailpolish

Remember that a good application of varnish is achieved in four coats: a base that protects, two of varnish that make up and a top coat that shines and prolongs the outfit. The pro’s opinion: “The more coats there are, the greater the shine, so you don’t skip the second coat of varnish “. Also, to have a beautiful shiny nail, we choose a lacquered varnish because the pearly ones and the metallic ones are less shiny, paradoxically.

The top coat

Last step, and not least: the top coat! It adds up to 50% shine to the manicure. We choose one with a thicker formula that reflects light like all the ranges dedicated to shine or gel effect. The opinion of the pro: “To freshen up and prolong the duration of the nail polish, put on a new layer of top coat three days later. »

Thanks to Alexandra Falba, OPI expert manicurist.

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