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Updated on September 02, 2022 at 9:23 a.m.

10 tips for healthy hair

10 tips for healthy hair – © Getty

Do you dream of a sublime mane without the slightest effort? Here are 10 professional tips to take care of your scalp and have healthy hair right away. Hop, let’s take action.

Change your electronic devices

Your favorite hair dryer dates back to your university years? Bad news: it damages your hair. In addition to being dusty, the hot air transmission system dries your mane with each use. Your hair is brittle, dry and weakened. Please note: same diagram for your straightening, curling, embossing iron… Opt instead for a recent hair dryer, which controls the temperature and adapts the heat according to your needs. Ditto for the straightener, if the plates are ceramic, it’s better. And don’t forget the thermo-protective treatmenteven if the ideal is still totake the right steps to dry your hair naturally.

Check the ingredients on the products you use

Tired of strolling for hours in the shampoo department without knowing which product to choose? Identify your needs (don’t hesitate to ask your hairdresser) and look at the ingredients on the products. The must: a protein-enriched formula with some moisturizing elements. Adopt the trend of low poo – the need to ease off on heavy and aggressive ingredients – and stay away from collagen-based shampoos, conditioners and treatments of all kinds. Not only will they grease your roots, but they may weigh down your dreamy mane. The key word: be attentive, therefore.

Don’t overuse dry shampoo

Post-gym or as a touch-up before going dancing… we love it. Practice, the dry shampoo slips easily into our bag, and works wonders. Result: we use it all the time. Except that in the long term, it can cause residues on the scalp. Who says accumulation of “dandruff” says inflammation and itching. So to avoid disaster, we stay true to our good old shampoo and use dry shampoo only in case of emergency (or delay).

Don’t wash your hair every day

Rooted in the collective unconscious, the idea that you don’t have to wash your hair every day is generally true (even if it must be recognized that certain circumstances may force you to adopt this rhythm, such as working in a fast food restaurant, for example). However, for the good health of your scalp, it is good to space the shampoos. Twice a week is enough.

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Wash your hair…seriously

If you’re just lathering up your shampoo and rinsing quickly, you’re doing it all wrong. Whatever the frequency of your shampoos, nothing like a good massage of the scalp to eliminate in depth any trace of seborrhea that would have dared to sneak in. The seborrhea, this is the medical name used for dandruff, which frequently results in redness, itching… And even worse: hair loss. Take 5 extra minutes in the shower, and your scalp will thank you, we promise. However, there is no point in putting on a ton of product, at the risk of having trouble eliminating the material and disrupting the proper functioning of the scalp. It is better to redo a second small shampoo in stride.

Avoid extensions

Do you regret your last hair craze and dream of finding your old mane? It is true that the hair extensions are a good boost… Provided you opt for the healthy method, without the risk of weakening your hair. Exit clip-in extensions, then. Certainly it is very easy to use, but the clips pull on your roots. Result: your hair is weakened and becomes brittle over time. The least aggressive technique is still cold hair extensions using vegetable glue. And if you want to change without going through the extension box? Patience and food supplements will be your best allies.

Do not rub your hair with a towel

Jumping out of the shower, nothing could be simpler than grabbing a towel in a jiffy and rubbing your mane dry. A piece of advice, give up this habit as quickly as you adopted it. Not only the friction of the cuticle (outer layer of the hair) can be the cause of advanced dryness of the ends, but in addition, the hair is weakened and therefore prone to breakage. And all the benefits of your super hair mask will be reduced to nothing in a friction. The right move? Gently tap roots and ends. Admittedly, your mane will take a little longer to dry, but it will be worthy of a Hollywood star (yes, yes).

Brush your hair… gently

Brushing stimulates the scalp and rids your mane of small split ends that are prone to breakage. Except that it is useless to untangle his hair with brutality, even if you are late. Opt for a wide-toothed comb if you can’t wait for your mane to dry, otherwise prefer a flat brush with natural hair (boar for example). Note: detangle hair once they are dry (starting with the tips) will avoid any risk of breakage. If legend has it that you spend 100 brush strokes before going to bed, the reality is quite different. A single shot is enough, once or twice a day.

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Sleep on a silk pillowcase

We can never tell you enough. If your hair is electric and brittle when you wake up, your cotton pillowcases are inevitably the only culprit. In question: the locks cling to the cousin at the slightest movement. The new habit to adopt right away? The silk pillowcases. In this way, your hair will be able to follow you to the end of your dreams without any problem. And as soon as you wake up, say goodbye to flyaways, frizz and wrinkles. Having a dreamy mane is good. It’s best to start with the basics.

Eat well

Using the right hair products is one thing, eating a balanced diet is another. As beneficial as it is to eat well for your health, it also affects your hair. For this, there are some nutrients you should consume to have beautiful hair. Among them, we note vitamins A and C, iron, proteins, omega-3, zinc or brewer’s yeast. On good terms!

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