“How to get bigger buttocks”: the growing phenomenon

Updated on August 05, 2022 at 4:00 p.m.

how to grow buttocks

“How to get bigger buttocks”: the phenomenon that is gaining momentum – © Getty

Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian… After the androgynous silhouettes of the models, the forms are (re) highlighted and the voluminous buttocks assumed. So much so that some women are now looking to “grow” their buttocks. Although they remain rare, some even take the step of cosmetic surgery, and this increasingly young. Decryption.

Doctor Oren Marco is categorical, buttock surgery is booming: “What is especially popular is the attraction for generous curves with incredible and sublime ambassadors like Ashley Graham and Natalia Van Grondelle. The operation itself is not yet as popular as in South America but the demand has been exponential for 2 years”. Where does such interest in the rounded buttocks come from?

Growing buttocks: a phenomenon with multiple influences

Between globalization, the 98 World Cup and the economic boom of the 2000s, Brazil has contributed considerably to this attention paid to the buttocks. In this emerging country, the posterior is part of a quasi-obsession with silhouette and aesthetics. “The buttocks of Brazilian women are not the result of chance but of a very particular way of life. Very steep cities, a cult of dance… this solicits and shapes the muscles much more than in Westerners”, explains the plastic surgeon.

But if the attraction for generous curves has been more and more popular for 20 years, we can’t help but talk about those of Kim Kardashian.

Who forgot Jean-Paul Goude’s photo shoot for Paper magazine where she exposed her behind and incidentally broke the internet ? Unlike women like J-Lo or Beyoncé, naturally luscious, the ex-wife of Kanye West has indeed admitted to having used the hyaluronic acid injections in order to increase the volume of her behind. So much so that it represents a cursor to assess the wishes of patients. “I don’t hesitate to ask for the buttocks: ‘Do you want Kardashian or Minaj? to shock a little and gauge the desired volume. In France, the majority asks for much less. Like, it is now Emily Ratajkowski who is the shock reference for the chest”. But unlike breast surgery, women who start a process on the buttocks always want more volume. “My role as a doctor is to enlighten them in their choice and their decision. I want to make sure that they will accept and be happy with this new silhouette. Transforming your body for life is not insignificant. On the contrary, it has a heavy impact on the physical and the mental.

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Apart from classic celebrities, social networks have played a vital role in the buttock surgery boom in recent years. On Instagram (the most visual), interest in beauty, aesthetics and lifestyle is exploding. The cult of the “fit” body, understand “in shape”, is highlighted by influencers, fitness addicts and stars. Thus, the hashtag #Booty collects more than 4 million publications. This may also explain the age of the majority of women who tend to give in to the call of surgery: between 20 and 45 years maximum according to Dr. Marco.

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Enlarging the buttocks: different types of surgery

Among the few women who take the step of buttock surgery, there are two very distinct types of requests. People who have lost a lot of weight and want to “repair their body” after a significant fat loss. And those who want to maximize their curvature. Different types of surgery are thus available to all those women who wish a more voluminous buttocks (for a sum generally between 3000 and 8000 euros):

– Prostheses or implants, method suggested to women without fatty reserves. The intervention is particularly painful and restrictive (you have to live standing or lying down for 15 days) and presents many risks.
– The lifting, indicated when the skin is completely relaxed (after weight loss for example), consists of lift the buttocks and leaves a visible scar. Like any surgery, one can have bruises, infection, and other complications.
– But the technique that has democratized demand is lipofilling, also called Brazilian Butt Lift. The principle ? Reinject your own fat (from the hips, back, etc.) into your buttocks. Without a foreign body, the operation is then perceived as more natural and less “fake” by women. However, it is a heavy operation that involves pain, hematoma and thromboembolic risk, among others. A technique (obviously) from Brazil and currently the most practiced in France.

“All of these operations should not be taken lightly. The objective is not to change every 5 years” recalls the doctor marco. Be careful not to go overboard by wanting to increase the size of your buttocks at all costs. After the diktat of thinness, generous curves should not turn into an obsession…

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