How to fix your hair after the sun

Updated on September 02, 2022 at 2:57 p.m.

How to repair your hair after the sun in 5 steps

How to repair your hair after the sun in 5 steps Р© grinvalds / istock

The summer holidays are not easy for our hair. Sunbathing, rolling in the salty waves and moments of relaxation in the chlorinated water, delectable moments against which our hair has a hard time fighting.

split ends, dry hair and unruly, we tell you how to fix them well.

We cut the tips

Don’t panic, far be it from us to put you under the mower. When you are recommended to cut the tips we allude to the four or five centimeters sensitized by the aggressions of the summer. A beauty reflex that we adopt without hesitation if we want to give our damaged hair a good kick.

We space out the shampoos

Contrary to what you may think, washing your hair daily (even with very good shampoos and conditioners) is a habit that you have to get rid of if you want to regain beautiful hair. Repeated washing strips the hair and sensitizes it even more than it already was. To succeed in space out shampoos we avoid touching them permanently, we adopt hairstyles to camouflage oily hair Or use dry shampoo.

Let them dry naturally

Recognized for not being our hair’s best friend, the hair dryer dries it out and sensitizes it. While heat is effective in drying in record time, it is also responsible for opening the hair scales and weakening them. As long as the weather permits, let your hair dry at its own pace in the summer air currents. The followers of brushing or straightener are obviously in the center of our viewfinder.

We adopt the right hair care

In order for our hair to quickly regain its luster, it is very important to bet on the right products. So avoid promising shampoos full of sulfates, parabens and silicone and opt for targeted care. Whether it’s masks, oils or conditioners, the main thing is to go for nourishing or repairing treatments.

Don’t: Color your hair

split hair, dull and variegated color? The consequences of our many sunbathing and the desire for change for the start of the school year often push us to make an appointment with the hairdresser to homogenize everything. If we imagine that our hair will be reborn after passing through the hands of our favorite colorist, we are completely wrong! Coloring already weakened hair is the best way to make it more sensitive. Patience, take care of your hair for one or two months and postpone your metamorphosis projects until later.

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