How to effectively relaunch a client and a prospect?

The relaunch of your customers and prospects must necessarily be an integral part of your marketing strategy. If with the economic situation, companies in particular SMEs do not have recourse to it, it is obvious that they will not last long. This evidence becomes even clearer when we consider that the probability of a company losing one in five customers in one year is very high. If you wish to have more information on the effective procedure for following up with a client and a prospect, this post is offered to you.

Find a good excuse to get a date

A prospect is still unwilling to listen to you again when you decide to keep in touch. Just reverse the roles and you will realize the effect felt. To reassure you of customer follow-up and prospecting that would have an impact, consider subtly diverting the topic of discussion. First, be sure that this is the perfect time to keep the conversation going. That is to say, it must be certain that the prospect does not have a particular occupation at this precise moment.

If this is not the case, do not forget to ask for the ideal day to call him back. Once this prerequisite is assured, engage a center of interest that allows you to have the full attention of your interlocutor. It is only after this bait is placed that you take action by reminding him of your products and services. Hopefully you get an appointment to talk more about it.

Reassure your customer with precision and conciseness

No need for long speeches to convince your prospect of the quality of the products and services offered. First, you have to know how to identify the most suitable communication channel according to your profile. After the definition of the channel, think of being precise and concise in your interventions.

With good reason, when you use email, social networks or SMS, it is advisable to avoid long, boring messages. The key is to know how to convey information succinctly while paying attention to catchy aspects. Even when the prospect seems interested, get straight to the point. Also, it should be noted that this provision is valid for reminders that are made through calls.

However, when you have the opportunity to have a physical meeting, a brief presentation of 10 minutes is sufficient. The rest of the time will be used to answer the potential client’s questions, which prove his interest.

Diversify communication channels

Why limit yourself to a single channel of communication, when technology gives you many? Today, commercial prospecting can take place through other channels apart from those that are best known. So think about the digitization of it at the heart of your professional tasks to guarantee quality work.

Indeed, more and more companies are using digitalization to face the new challenges posed by the professional world. It is now imperative to add online content to publicize its products and services, particularly through social networks of a professional nature.

This is the case of LinkedIn, purely adapted to professionals, which has experienced dazzling success under the combined effect of several factors. Moreover, the health situation due to the pandemic is a good example. This has therefore led the majority of companies to opt for teleworking and therefore for digitalization.

Don’t insist

In commercial prospecting, it is urgent to mark the difference between perseverance and insistence. The latter can lead to the indisposition of the prospect. It is true that with some customers potential, a final message or a last call following a multitude of meetings can create the trigger.

However, this is not a miracle formula, since you agree that not all individuals have the same reaction. Therefore, faced with a prospect’s silence displayed for too long, do not insist. You should give them time to better understand your proposal.

In addition, long before, remember to leave a rather poignant message to make him understand that your availability is still relevant. If he is interested, he will definitely come back to you.

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