How to do homemade Halloween makeup?

Posted on October 27, 2022 at 4:18 p.m.

How to do homemade Halloween makeup?

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Playful, economical and ecological… For October 31, we are happy to turn to a natural Halloween makeup to make at home. Tips, tricks and DIY recipes.

Only a few days left before October 31 and its effervescent night of horror. The opportunity, as every year, to dress up in an original costume accompanied by a halloween hairstyle hell for a total scary look. You can even make a halloween makeup worthy of the name. Moreover, for even more challenge, we are embarking on the realization of our own DIY make-up. Whether you’ve run out of traditional eyeshadows or simply prefer to opt for ingredients of natural origin, it’s entirely possible to concoct your own make-up. But then, how? And, which products to choose? Orianne Valentin, head of cosmetic formulations at Aroma-Zone, reveals her tips and tricks for the pleasure of young and old.

Why opt for homemade Halloween makeup?

There are many reasons to turn to DIY Halloween makeup. The first one ? Respect our possible ecological convictions, but also the desire to master the composition. “Opting for natural, vegetable and organic materials, without controversial ingredients, allows you to keep an eye on the quality and origin of what you apply to the skin,” explains the expert. Another advantage (and not the least) lies in the economic aspect. Indeed, producing your own make-up costs less than buying it in a specialized store; it lasts longer and is no less effective. Finally, this fun activity provides a certain pleasure: that of creating your own homemade makeup for you and by you (for the whole family)!

How to do homemade Halloween makeup?

Who says DIY makeup, says recipe at home. However, there is no question of giving in to the call of grandmother’s mixtures based on products that can be found in our cupboards. Why ? Because mixing cornstarch and water to recreate a pale complexion is one, certainly not very good for the skin and two, not durable over time. So if you want Halloween makeup that lasts all evening, the expert advises us to turn to “pearls and natural and vegetable dyes. Raw materials derived from minerals – in the form of powder and intended to pigment our cosmetics –, to be mixed with fatty substances”. For this, the expert recommends a make-up base composed of 100% waxes, butters and vegetable oils (Base Stick Melt & Pour, from Aroma-Zone). “Then all you have to do is melt it in a stainless steel bowl and mix in the dye or mother-of-pearl of your choice, respecting the dosages. After mixing well with a whisk, pour the preparation into the container of your choice (jar or stick) which is then left to set in the refrigerator”. The make-up is ready to use a few minutes later.

The advantage? This recipe is available in abundance according to the different shades needed for our makeup. Thanks to this technique, a real palette of make-up is offered to us.

The limit ? This technique restricts the field of possibilities. Only simple makeup can be done. “More artistic make-up including fake scars or even fake blood requires other raw materials such as silicone, for example”, specifies the expert.

Simple Halloween makeup looks to replicate at home

To accompany us to the end, the expert advises us 3 Halloween makeup to reproduce at home. For each of them, the recipe and the tutorial are available.

Dia De Los Muertos makeup tutorial

Find the Dia De Los Muertos makeup recipe, here

Joker makeup tutorial

Find the Joker makeup recipe, here

pumpkin makeup tutorial

Find the pumpkin makeup recipe, here

How to remove homemade Halloween makeup?

After the party, it is essential to how to remove your Halloween makeup to maintain beautiful, healthy skin. If we can turn to our micellar watercleansing milk or even cleansing oilwe can push the DIY map by making our own homemade makeup removers. Other solution ? Simply use a pure vegetable oil likejojoba oil.

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