How to choose the right industrial washing machine for your establishment?

The choice of a washing machine is a sensitive stage in the life of any professional establishment. In fact, you may end up with a device that is incompatible with your needs, which would be a huge waste of resources. To choose your industrial washing machine, certain criteria remain unavoidable.

The different types of industrial washing machines

Before making a choice, it is essential to find out about the devices for professional use that can be found on the market. To be clear, a household washing machine is not technical enough for professional use. This is why the professional washing machines are more suitable, in particular for their speed, their large capacity and their energy savings.

industrial washing machines

The industrial washing machines have a large washing capacity and can carry out several cycles per day. Used in large structures (hospitals, hotels, etc.), they can chain 5 to 10 cycles per day. The industrial washing machines (Hydrolease FX80 for example) are specifically designed for long-term use and to withstand heavy loads.

Semi-professional washing machines

Semi-professional washing machines stand out for their speed, efficiency and resistance. They have the capacity to chain at least two cycles per day without weakening. Semi-pro machines like Hydrolease SC65 are also a good alternative to household washing machines. Ideally, they meet the needs of hair salons, gyms, SPAs, etc.

Professional washing machines

Commercial washing machines are intended for intensive use, in establishments such as small hotels and restaurants. They have the advantage of reducing electrical energy consumption and have a higher spin volume. Professional washing machines such as Primer LP8 and Hydrolease SP10 are also durable and can accommodate more than 30 kg of laundry.

The criteria for choosing an industrial washing machine

To perfectly suit your needs, the washing machine whose use is detailed here must be chosen according to certain essential criteria.

His capacity

For an establishment that does not have large washing needs, a washing machine with a capacity between 5 and 9 kg is largely practical. However, it is recommended, it is better to opt for a washing machine between 10 and 19 kg of capacity so as not to be overwhelmed. When it comes to hotel resorts or hospitals, the professional washing machines you plan to buy must be able to support more than 20 kg of laundry.

Its water and electricity consumption

By choosing models that load from the front, you can reduce the energy consumption of your washing machines. Indeed, these devices consume very little water. Moreover, they offer shorter cycles and therefore limited power consumption.

Its various features

Make sure that the industrial washing machines you choose have an accessible grip. No need to invest in devices offering a large number of varied and complicated programs. To make it easier for your customers, simply choose the eco program and the fast program.

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