How to celebrate a birthday in a restaurant in Paris?

Organizing a birthday party is quite a challenge! You should care not only about the quality of the dishes and the atmosphere of the place, but also about the satisfaction of the diners. What are the elements to take into account when preparing for this type of event? Why choose a restaurant? We will answer these questions in this article.

What are the advantages of organizing a birthday party in a restaurant in Paris?

The most important consideration when choosing the right restaurant is the number of people who will be attending the event. If you want to rent a birthday restaurant paris for ten people, it is best to choose the type of place you want to book in advance: a large table or rather a private room in a restaurant.

What are the other advantages of organizing a birthday party in a restaurant? These types of establishments always offer a wide variety of dishes, thanks to which you can not only try your hand at French gastronomic specialties, but also on world cuisine, and thus satisfy the tastes of all your guests. In addition, restaurants often adapt their menus to the expectations of their customers. Thus, a varied offer of dishes will satisfy everyone’s needs, even the most demanding palates.

How to choose a good restaurant for a birthday in Paris?

Celebrating a birthday with friends is often one of the most beautiful moments of a life. For the pleasure of the event to be shared, you must think carefully about choosing a restaurant.

A good restaurant is a well-located place

To celebrate a birthday, you must choose a well-located restaurant. It is important that you can get there both by your own means and by public transport. If the restaurant is not easily accessible by public transport, check that it is possible to park nearby.

Meals to suit all guests

The menu is extremely important, it must be rich and varied. It is better to choose a restaurant that takes into account both traditional French dishes and well-known and appreciated cuisines from all over the world. You should not forget about people who follow special diets. Before the party, check the preferences of the guests and inform the restaurant in advance. This way you will avoid a situation where some guests feel left out because they can’t eat anything. A well-composed menu, perfectly prepared dishes, freshly brewed coffee and professional service positively affect the well-being of guests and relax the atmosphere.

The decoration and the service of the room are important

A good restaurant for a birthday will preferably have a suitable space, because you don’t want to be glued to the table of strangers in the restaurant. Note that some restaurants offer private rooms to isolate special events.

The dining room must be welcoming, the tables must be properly spaced and the decoration neat in order to meet customer expectations. What style of restaurant did you envision?

  • An elegant style?
  • Bohemian style?
  • A rustic style?
  • A retro look?

This choice is yours!

Is entertainment possible?

Providing entertainment at a birthday party is a great way to strengthen relationships with friends while having fun together. Openness to each other increases good humor. Some restaurants play background music, others invite live bands or have a dance floor. You can also organize a themed birthday party yourself, during which the guests must show up in costume. You can also bring some elements of decoration to brighten up your birthday. This kind of initiative positively affects the course of the anniversary and above all gives great pleasure to the guests.

Find on Privateaser a restaurant in Paris where to celebrate a birthday?

Privateaser is a free platform that helps you quickly find a venue for any occasion. On this platform, simply choose the event you want to organize, for example an outing with friends.

Identify your needs, answer a few questions about the place that is important to you. Select the date and the city of your choice, then you will receive offers of attractive places that meet your expectations. Compare the offers and choose the place that suits you best.

Thanks to Privateaser, you can quickly find a restaurant in Paris not only for a birthday party, but also for any other private or professional event.

Here are some ideas of restaurants visible on the Privateaser website where to celebrate a birthday in Paris.

Somewhere…: an intimate restaurant

The restaurant – Somewhere – in Paris is an ideal place not only for evenings with friends over a glass of wine, but also for the organization of various events such as birthdays.

The restaurant is located near the Grands Boulevard in the heart of the 9th arrondissement of Paris. It thus offers convenient access to the very lively district of Faubourg Montmartre. Somewhere is a trendy restaurant, the cozy and minimalist interior is designed with elegance and taste, and is perfectly suited to the atmosphere of a birthday.

The dining room can accommodate up to 80 people who can enjoy delicious dishes accompanied by a fine selection of wines. The establishment has two adapted rooms that you can reserve and privatize for your small group. Finally, note that the establishment can provide you with a dance floor, a cloakroom and sound equipment.

Source: Privateaser

L’Ecluse madeleine: an ideal restaurant for an evening with friends

The restaurant – L’Ecluse madeleine – is the perfect place to celebrate a birthday. This charming, well-known restaurant in Paris is located in the historic Madeleine district, in the heart of the 8th arrondissement and a stone’s throw from the Elysée Palace and Place Vendôme. The restaurant has several rooms that you can privatize, including a room with a glass roof and its bright and green setting. A terrace is also available for outdoor events. L’Ecluse madeleine offers you the opportunity to organize special events in a warm and friendly setting. The restaurant offers a choice menu of French cuisine typical of the South-West, varying with the seasons with fresh local produce, which you can accompany with a good bottle of wine or a pint of cold beer.

Source: Privateaser

SCORZO: an attractive restaurant

A restaurant located in the 17th arrondissement of Paris, imagination and creativity are visible and felt everywhere. Canvas lamps, wooden furniture and meticulously arranged frames on the wall make everyone feel at home here. Warm and neutral colors, soft canapes and the scent of herbs will make your meal unforgettable. SCORZO’s Italian cuisine is above all handmade, refined and aesthetic pizzas, cooked over a wood fire. The culinary challenge taken up by the Chef is to make you discover the traditional recipes of Italy. For a birthday in a restaurant in Paris or a simple meeting with friends, the SCORZO can be the excellent opportunity for you to test a wide selection of popular and selected Italian wines. The freshness of the products, the simplicity of the cuisine and the elegance of the service of the Italian dishes mean that SCORZO may soon become your favorite address..

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