How to avoid splitting nails?

Updated on September 26, 2022 at 8:19 a.m.

SOS: my nails are splitting, what do I do?

SOS: my nails are splitting, what do I do? – © Imaxtree

Some have the ridged nailsothers brittle nails. And then there are those who have split nails. Their favorite pastime: removing this thin film from the nail. But there is nothing worse to weaken them more. So, how to overcome it? Solutions with dermatologist Nina Roos.

Why do fingernails split?

“The nail is a very important subject in dermatology. It says a lot about us and our state of health,” Nina Roos tells us. Together, we list the various causes that lead to a split nail.

The sign of a deficiency?

“Split nails are sometimes the result of an iron or vitamin deficiency. To be sure, however, the dermatologist recommends taking a blood test to assess these potential deficiencies and check the thyroid. Indeed, the latter can cause hormonal imbalances that would cause the splitting of the nail.

External factors not to be overlooked

Tobacco and the cold can also be risk factors, because the nails are less vascularized. Finally, certain bad daily habits such as the abuse of varnish, very regular contact with water or even chemical products are causes to be taken into consideration.

How to fix split nails?

To find beautiful nails in full health, it is necessary to be careful on a daily basis by adopting better habits. We list them for you.

Protect your nails as much as possible

One of the first bad habits to get rid of is to stop biting your nails (for those concerned, of course). Then, in order to avoid any contact between our nails and the cold or our nails and chemicals, it is advisable to wear gloves when necessary. If no change is observed even when everyday factors are put aside, the blood test is in order.

Adopt the right care to repair your nails

Finally, we impose a discipline! “We cut them short and avoid varnish,” exclaims Dr. Roos. Nails that are too long tend to become fragile and the excessive application of varnish ends up suffocating them. » Then, we adopt appropriate treatments for a good “nail rehab”. Hardening varnishes can be a good first alternative if the splitting is superficial. Nina Roos also advises investing in a good restorative cream (a Hand cream does the job very well) and why not feed your nails regularly withCastor oil or even theBorage oil. The food supplements are a good alternative provided you are diligent for at least six months, the duration of the total regrowth of the nail. Patience, detox and care are therefore the key to beautiful hands.

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