How to apply streak-free self-tanner

Updated on July 25, 2022 at 9:47 a.m.

How to apply streak-free self-tanner

How to apply streak-free self-tanner – © Imaxtree

With the first rays of sunshine, we say goodbye to our winter complexion! And for that, nothing like self-tanning, on the body but also on the face. Here are our tips for choosing and above all applying self-tanner well, without leaving any traces.

Self-tanning, who is it for?

It can be used by everyone. You just have to choose a texture and an intensity of action that suits your skin type. For example, if you have fair skin, it is better to go gradually.

When to use a self-tanner?

All year round without any problem, but if you are not sure of yourself and want to be tanned when you arrive at the beach, spring is the ideal time. This allows you to train and have the right hand before discovering yourself.

How to apply your self-tanner without leaving traces?

Before using his spray tanit is necessary to resort to face scrubs and to body scrubs in order to eliminate dead cells and obtain a uniform result. Exfoliate your skin every 5 days or so. Then hydrate imperatively. The self-tanner will take less well on dry skin and its effect will last less. We insist on the elbows and knees which are particularly dry areas.
Do not be afraid to knead the skin well, it is often when you are afraid to let the product penetrate that it leaves traces.

How to apply self-tanner?

On the face :

Apply your self-tanner on perfectly cleansed skin, smoothing from the middle outwards of the face and down to the décolleté. You may put some very lightly on the earlobes if you have very fair skin.

Makeup tip: When you use a self-tanner regularly, you can easily replace your foundation with a lighter tinted cream.

On the body :

We start from the calves and go up to the thighs in front then behind, avoiding the knees. Once the fleshy part of the legs is done, we move on to the knees. As they are drier, there is less emphasis on not leaving marks. On the arms, we proceed in the same way, avoiding the elbows at first.
To have an impeccable tan, finish with your hands, with a cotton ball, and wash them directly afterwards.
For those less used to it, you can use surgical gloves to be sure not to leave product marks on the palms of your hands.

What textures of self-tanner to use?

The most practical are jellies and foams that melt on the skin.
The most suitable for beginners are colored self-tanners that allow you to see exactly where you put the product.
For the face, it is preferable to use a lotion if you have the mixed skin or dilated pores to minimize this aspect.

Trick : if you are afraid that the effect will be too obvious, mix in the palm of your hand your self-tanning jelly with your daily moisturizing milk (be careful, this technique does not apply to the face, which requires more precautions).

Thanks to Dominique Rist, Director of Care Training and Development at Clarins.

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