How to adopt a truly green beauty? An expert guides us

Published on October 25, 2022 at 11:00 am

How to adopt a truly green beauty?  An expert guides us

How to adopt a truly green beauty? An expert guides us – ©Mizina/iStock

It’s not easy to adopt an eco-friendly aesthetic routine! Élodie Bernadi, sustainable development director at L’Oréal France, guides us.

The plant origin of the products is the guarantee of a low impact on the environment

FAKE “We must ensure that all ingredients of plant origin are traceable, from sustainable sources and that none contribute to deforestation. Intensive extraction of raw materials that does not respect the seasons and soil regeneration times leads to a vicious circle that will require the use of petrochemical fertilizers. The entire living ecosystem must be respected. This is what we are doing in the Vercors, for example: with Sanoflore, we have created an experimental botanical garden which protects nearly 350 varieties of plants with aromatic and medicinal properties. »

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Sustainable beauty necessarily rhymes with fair trade

FAKE “Beware of confusion, the term “sustainable” includes three constraints: ecological, social and economic. The equitable approach is not always respected, and yet it is essential. In Madagascar, we harvest Centella asiatica, a plant with healing properties, but it is picked by hand, leaf by leaf. Hard work, mostly done by women. In order to guarantee fair remuneration for pickers and to preserve the natural ecosystem, we have set up a virtuous triptych with our Malagasy supplier Ravina and the NGO Union For Ethical BioTrade. »

Reducing the environmental impact of packaging is possible

TRUE “Our strategy is based on what we call the “3 Rs”: reduce, replace and recycle. Reducing means using refills, reducing the weight of packaging and getting rid of unnecessary packaging. Replacing means using biosourced materials, from the plant world and not plastic. And finally of course to recycle : 79% of our PET products, the hardest and most translucent plastics, are formulated with recycled plastic. »

Refilling your perfume bottle has a strong impact on the environment

TRUE “Our brand Mugler was a pioneer, thirty years ago, by launching its refills. Today, 40% of our Mugler sales are refills. When we manage to install this gesture, the impact is monumental: we save almost 70% plastic, 54% cardboard and 53% glass. The fountain refill system saves 100% metal, 83% plastic, 74% glass and 68% cardboard. »

Taking care of your hair necessarily involves overconsumption of water

TRUE AND FALSE “80% of a shampoo’s environmental footprint is related to the energy you use to heat the water in the shower. We are committed to reducing this footprint during the use phase of our products, in particular with our solid shampoos Dop, which reduce water consumption by 20% compared to a traditional liquid shampoo, and we launched Ultra Doux leave-in detanglers. There, we save 100 liters per tube! »

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