How the self-adhesive anti-theft label protects you from phone and tablet theft

Did you know that theft at work is not as rare as you might think? And even when the people who work there are considered trustworthy by the company?

According to a study from kensington, 23% of the thefts of professional IT equipment occurred within the company itself. These are objects such as mobile phones, tablets or laptops that disappear from radar. According to the National Observatory of Delinquency, it is for the business world, 160 thefts and loss of equipment per day!

Sometimes the theft of these objects is simply due to the person forgetting that they have the object with them. These people only remember that they have the object with them when they see it on their way home, then they are too embarrassed to bring it back, or even forget to bring it back to work.

But sometimes an employee may intentionally take items that belong to the company out of the premises without you knowing about it simply because these people can easily tell that the items in question belong to them personally because they are not identified.

Your company could lose a lot of money because of equipment that your employees bring home inadvertently or theft. Whatever the case, you must act quickly to prevent your business from incurring significant losses!

No matter how much you trust the people you work with, know that things that aren’t properly traceable are likely to disappear from your business without anyone knowing.

One of the ways to prevent corporate theft of equipment is to use solutions such as Standard SBE Smartphone Anti-Theft labels that protect your mobile devices. Self-adhesive anti-theft label : vsHow can they protect your business from loss or theft of smartphones and other mobile devices? What guarantees do you have?

A label that helps prevent theft

SBE Smartphone Anti-Theft tags may look like any ordinary tag, but in reality, they are unique. These tags have a special feature that makes them tamper-proof.

These labels are made of synthetic or aluminum material, screen-printed and attached to your equipment with cyanoacrylate welding, which guarantees that the label cannot be torn off. A patent has even been filed for this technology.


When a person tries to remove these tags from the equipment to which they are attached, they remain attached, which may discourage individuals from attempting to do so. The standard SBE Smartphone Anti-Theft device is marked with the name of the company and a telephone number to contact in the event of theft. This means that when a material has a label that shows that it belongs to a company and not to the person who uses or handles it, that person will have to think twice before appropriating the property in question. Therefore, these labels are advisable not only to remind that the equipment belongs to the company, but they will also serve as a deterrent because most individuals do not want to be labeled as thieves.

Of course, these tags can only be effective when your business has a system for inventorying and tracking its assets. Because these tags are attached to a device in a highly visible way, you’re likely to find that the number of people bringing company hardware home, intentionally or unintentionally, will drop significantly.

3 benefits of the self-adhesive anti-theft label

1. They can be used for company inventory control and auditing

Tags are often used by many companies not only to keep track of their assets, but also to prevent employees from being tempted to take equipment home. Although this does not technically prevent individuals from taking items with them, the anti-theft tag can be used to prove that the item in question (when found in the possession of a suspected thief) belongs to the ‘company. That’s what these labels are ideally for. When an anti-theft tag is attached to a smartphone or computer equipment, this equipment is marked with a serial number which facilitates the tracking of these elements.

In addition to this marking, SBE Direct has set up a National Anti-Theft File which lists the theft or loss of equipment. Thus, when a company suspects a person of stealing equipment, it can check the numbers of its equipment and compare them with the National Anti-Theft File of SBE Direct and with the lists it has.

2. Tags act as a deterrent and help prevent theft

Anti-theft tags not only help with visual identification, but also deter thieves. Undoubtedly, if a thief sees two identical laptops on a desk, one marked with an anti-theft tag and the other without a tag, he is likely to be attracted to the hardware that is not labeled. We all believe that if a company has made the effort to mark all of its equipment, it is likely that the company has also implemented other measures to protect its laptops and mobile devices, such as encryption and/or other electronic protection solutions. Conversely, an unmarked and therefore unprotected laptop computer seems to be an easier target.


3. Labels are a certificate of ownership that gives several information

In parallel with corporate flights, there are equipment losses. In addition, thousands of computer equipment are lost each year, then found by third parties but who never find their owner. Anti-theft tags provide the contact details and telephone numbers of their owner. A line of text will say “Owned by…”, then the name of the company, followed by an identification number and a telephone number. This is particularly useful if an object is lost or forgotten in a private or public place (post office, administration, library, etc.). People who find the item can call the owner and let them know where the item can be picked up.

The final word

Some people go to great lengths to hide the fact that they have stolen company equipment, and to do this, they often try to remove the self-adhesive anti-theft label. But this label is inviolable.

Anti-theft tags are ideally used by businesses to help minimize theft of mobile devices used by staff (smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc.). While this doesn’t necessarily stop individuals from carrying these gears, it does make you think twice before doing so. The fear of being found out is after all a pretty good deterrent for most people.

So, if you are wondering does the self-adhesive anti-theft tag prevent corporate theft? In some ways, yes it is. If used in conjunction with other security measures, you can be sure that your assets will be protected from anyone who wants to steal from you and your business.

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