How is acne related to lack of sleep?

Published on August 25, 2022 at 6:11 p.m.

How is acne related to lack of sleep?

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According to studies reported in “Allure” on August 24, acne is linked to lack of sleep. It remains to be seen whether the first causes the second, or vice versa.

A slightly too long evening, a slightly too short night or a period of insomnia, and acne appears. If the relationship between these two events can quickly be deduced, researchers have studied their link in more depth. According to a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology and relayed by “Allure” on August 24, 54% of people with acne reported a lack of sleep. On the side of those who are not affected by this skin problem, they were 53% to have a restful sleep.

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So is one caused by the other? In part, according to three studies referenced in “Dermatology Times” last June, including one published in 2019. For the latter, 40 Americans with acne had their acne measured on the Global Acne GradicScale (GAGS), completed a sleep quality questionnaire, and kept a sleep diary for seven days. They also answered questions about their general and dermatological health, then confided in the researchers about their acne, the treatments they may have taken and the factors that exacerbate it. After analyzing this information, it was concluded that acne is related to lifestyle and depressive episodes, but that sleep is also linked. Pimples always appear following a bad night’s sleep, even when the first two factors are under control.

Acne and sleep: which causes the other?

One question remains: acne causes sleep problems, or the other way around. Poor mental health can cause an acne breakout, but it can also cause insomnia. But acne can also impact the mental health of those who suffer from it, causing a vicious cycle. Dr. Nanaa Boakye, interviewed by “Allure”, therefore recommends taking the problem in hand from the inside: “To control acne, it is imperative to manage emotional stress, to exercise regularly, and to have a diet that emphasizes plants. »

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