How can you secure your company’s renewable energy supplies?

Lockdowns and border closures have paralyzed the economy and caused supply disruptions. The Russo-Ukrainian crisis further complicated the situation and reminded Europeans of their dependence on imported energy. It is therefore essential for companies wishing to continue to provide their services to secure their energy supplies. The following information will allow you to secure your energy supply, especially renewable energy.

Hire an energy and utility expert

Renewable energies are the ideal choice for companies in the current economic and ecological context. It is also important that they secure their supplies of energies and utilities various to guarantee the continuity of their activities. Professionals in the sector are available to business leaders to provide them with the advice needed to secure their renewable supplies.

The solutions vary according to the needs and activities of the company. The realization of renewable energy projects represents an undeniable asset in achieving climate objectives. The French territory also offers many advantages that make the country a region where it is good to undertake.

Specialists recommend a smooth transition to renewable energies by making a group purchase of energy. This choice will not only reduce the price, but you will benefit from transparent support throughout the duration of the contract.

You can also find out in This article on other effective procedures to secure your energy supplies. The Covid-19 pandemic and the war between Ukraine and Russia have caused cascading supply disruptions.

Securing renewable energy supplies: capacity fixed by law

Since 2016, long before the economic and health crisis caused by Covid-19, the French government has been fighting for a energy efficiency in business. The law imposes a capacity obligation on energy suppliers, which is useful for companies to control renewable energy supplies.

Energy suppliers must demonstrate their willingness to meet the needs of their customers. They must also demonstrate their ability to obtain volumes of electricity and/or gas. This makes it possible to prevent stock shortages which could penalize end consumers.

The justifications are capacity certificates that the RTE issues for electricity and the GRT Gaz issues for natural gas. Energy suppliers can therefore no longer provide energy to their customers without having the necessary capacity guarantees.

The law closely monitors the activities of energy suppliers in both gas and electricity. The Energy Regulation Commission, which is the energy watchdog, monitors capacity guarantees and financial guarantees.

Why secure your company’s renewable energy supplies?

Wind and photovoltaic energies, because of their intermittent aspect, worry many business leaders. Preconceived ideas would affirm a total inability for the company to function following a long period without wind or without sun. They would have made life difficult for leaders foreign to the functioning of the energy world.

It should be noted that subscribing to a renewable energy offer does not mean that it is the only mode of energy production that will supply the company. The only difference between the green offer and the classic offer is that the manager injects the quantity of renewable energy equivalent to the subscribed share.

The supply contract obliges the network manager to inject only the share subscribed by the company. Traditional production methods are called upon when the volumes of energy production sources decrease considerably. Network operators are responsible for the balance between energy production sources.

Renewable energy such as wind or photovoltaic energy comes from various hydroelectric power stations. When the company subscribes to a 100% green offer, it receives a mix of several energy sources.

The contingencies due to the risk are therefore limited since the company has an additional guarantee. Click here to learn more about effective methods for securing energy supply and developing renewable energy.

The urgency of the moment in the world of energy is to secure supplies and to diversify or pool resources. Industry specialists can help you secure your company’s renewable energy supplies.

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