Here’s why you shouldn’t exercise with a ponytail

Posted on October 13, 2022 at 11:40 a.m.

Here's why you shouldn't exercise with a ponytail

Here’s why you shouldn’t exercise in a ponytail – ©FreshSplash/iStock

Easy to achieve and very practical, the ponytail is undoubtedly the most popular hairstyle for going to training. However, it seems that it harms our hair. Explanations.

Whether you are a high-level athlete or a Sunday jogger, your sports equipment is essential. There’s no question of getting on the asphalt without a good sports bra and comfortable and suitable sneakers. Regarding your hairstyle, the best thing is to tie your hair up to limit perspiration in the neck and keep your face clear. If the ponytail is probably the most popular hairstyle for sports, it seems to be detrimental to your lengths. In a video posted on his TikTok account, the famous hairdresser Tom Smith explains why this hairstyle is actually not suitable for sports practice. “If you go for a run and opt for a ponytail, know that your lengths whipping back and forth contribute to making your ends dry and split,” he says. But then, how do you style your hair to sweat?


Don’t let your morning jog ruin your hair!

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Fix all of her hair

To train properly while taking care of your hair, Tom Smith recommends tying all of your hair in one. hair bun or a braid to prevent the lengths from wandering in all directions. Also, when you’re not working out, use an old t-shirt or cotton towel to dry your hair, wring out the hair before applying conditioner or mask, and be sure to always apply a thermo-protective spray before using a heat tool. We take notes.

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