Here’s what absolutely not to put on your acne pimples

Posted September 12, 2022 at 11:20 a.m.

Here's what absolutely not to put on your acne pimples

Here’s what absolutely not to put on your acne pimples – © imaxtree

Acne is undoubtedly one of the skin problems that knows many misconceptions. Overview.

When a button appears, it is always very tempting to find solutions to make it disappear with what you have on hand. Unfortunately, the magic doesn’t always work. Worse still, some stubborn misconceptions can (really) damage the skin.

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It is a received idea that has a hard skin. Putting toothpaste, and leaving it on our button all night, would dry it out, heal it and make it deflate more quickly. A quick fix? Not quite. Because today, no study or dermatologist can confirm the healing power of toothpaste. In addition, toothpastes have so-called washing substances that must imperatively be cleaned. Results ? It is the whole area that will be dried without make the button disappear.

The lemon

Who has never heard their grandmother extol the merits of lemon? If we gladly use it on our plate, our elders like to recommend it to us as anti-acne treatment. Yes, but here it is, lemon is a very caustic and ultra astringent food. If some professionals recommend it for erase stubborn acne marks, others specify that it is not obligatory to soak its cotton of lemon juice with each new button. “It is to be used with precaution, in cases of extreme emergency and only in winter. Combined with exposure to the sun, this remedy can have the opposite effect,” Nina Ross warned us in a previous interview.

Baking soda

Just type in the Google search engine the keywords “baking soda acne” to understand the immense impact of this so-called miracle natural trick. According to the Internet, baking soda helps reduce the redness caused by an acne pimple thanks to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. What do we forget to say? This white powder is an alkaline product, which means that it disturbs the naturally acidic pH of the skin.

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