Here’s the trick to match your blush to your lipstick

Published on September 26, 2022 at 10:36 am

Here's the trick to match your blush to your lipstick

Here’s the trick to match your blush to your lipstick – ¬©instagram @emilietommerberg

Thanks to this simple trick, matching your blush with your lipstick becomes child’s play. Explanations.

Every day, hundreds of beauty tips appear on social networks. If some are to be banned permanently, others are there to make our daily life easier. This is the case of a makeup technique highlighted by beauty influencer Victoria Lyn on Instagram. The principle ? Match sound color blush to that of her lipstick for a perfectly matched beauty treatment. Having gone viral on the social network, this ultra simple trick only requires a liquid lipstick and a little face powder.

How it works ?

In the video, Victoria Lyn describes a dilemma that most of us are probably familiar with: what blush to match her lipstick? The answer is then obvious: all you have to do is use your lipstick as a blush. Once the lipstick is applied to the mouth, place a little product on the back of the hand and mix it with a dab of foundation. You will then obtain a color that matches perfectly with your mouth. Then all you have to do is subtly apply make-up to your cheeks for an ultra-natural result. Of course, this trick also works the other way around because you can apply a creamy blush to your lips.

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