Here’s Kate Moss’ daughter’s favorite product to warm up her complexion

Published on November 25, 2022 at 8:27 am

Lila Moss

Lila Moss – ©Ng Justin/Avalon/ABACA

A true best-seller, this famous product capable of sculpting and warming the complexion is also one of Lila Moss’ favourites.

Just like her mother, Lila Moss is on her way to becoming a true icon. Indeed, in recent years, the young woman has accumulated success. At just 16, she became the face of Marcs Jacobs Beauty, then went on to win advertising contracts and paraded for the most prestigious brands in the sector. Now 20 years old, the blonde with a pretty face continues her rise in the big leagues. Recently filmed by “Vogue” magazine, Lila Moss unveiled her routine evening makeup between girlfriends. Among the products used, one of them caught our attention. It’s about ” Outline Wand by Charlotte Tilbury.


A real bestseller

Lila Moss is one of the many celebrities who love Charlotte Tilbury products. “I’m very lucky because my mother is friends with Charlotte Tilbury. I always use her products for everyday makeup because they are very easy to use. Even if you don’t know how to put on makeup, they look good on the skin,” says the young woman facing the camera. Often out of stock, Charlotte Tilbury’s “Contour Wand” allows you to sculpt the face and warm it up subtly. Its foam tip deposits the right amount of product and its fluid texture blends into the face for the simplest application. Like Lila Moss, apply the product by forming dots on the top of the forehead and the hollow of the cheeks. Blend it all in with a makeup sponge or brush and you’re done.

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