Here is Victoria Beckham’s make-up trick to refresh your eyes in 20 seconds

Published on August 17, 2022 at 9:26 am

Here is Victoria Beckham's make-up trick to refresh your eyes in 20 seconds

Here is Victoria Beckham’s make-up trick to refresh your eyes in 20 seconds – © Instagram @victoriabeckham

On her Instagram account, Victoria Beckham gives us her secret to wake up and illuminate our eyes in no time. Video.

It’s not the first time that Victoria Beckham comes to our rescue by giving us her beauty tips, especially since she launched her own make-up and skincare brand, better known as VB Beauty, in 2019 already. After revealing to us her make-up secret for a luscious mouth or her beauty routine to keep a healthy glow (even during the frenetic pace of a Fashion Week), here is the star giving us the procedure to sublimate our look as soon as we wake up and instantly refresh it. How ? By adding a subtle touch of light thanks to a very specific make-up product. Zoom.

Victoria Beckham’s secret to brighter eyes

To illuminate her look as soon as she wakes up, Victoria Beckham’s first gesture is to draw a pencil line that she chooses white, following the lower water line of her eye. Results ? A more luminous and refreshed eye. In any case, this is what we can see by watching a video posted by the ex-Spice Girl on her Instagram account. Blatant, right? His right eye, with a white outline, seems more open and luminous than the left, which is not yet made up.

In the caption of her post, she also announces the return of the makeup product she uses for this hack: her brand’s Instant Brightening pencil (available on the site at the price of 26€). “I love using this product first because it eliminates redness, she explains. It opens my eyes.” A trick to test (and reproduce if you are convinced) with a white pencil (all brands combined) every morning, in a few seconds flat. Thanks Posh!

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