Here is the unstoppable technique to lift your face using a concealer

Published on August 05, 2022 at 5:36 p.m.

Here is the unstoppable technique to lift your face using a concealer

Here is the unstoppable technique to lift your face using a concealer – ©iMaxtree

Have a lifted face without going through surgery and only thanks to your concealer? The TikTokeuses prove to us that yes, it is possible!

Who has never felt complexed by a few small imperfections on their face? A nose that we think is too thick, lips that we consider too thin and even wrinkles that are too deep can sometimes bother us to such an extent that the urge to take the plunge into surgery is felt. But before getting there, if we turned instead to other techniques. TikTok influencers rack their brains to find solutions to our problems, without going through the surgery box. Their best ally? Makeup. One of them, @mekaelafarris, unveiled her miracle solution for an illusion of a lifted face only thanks toconcealer.

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How to apply concealer for a lifted effect?

Like the outline, the technique revealed is based on a game between shadow and light that we can create on our face. It is therefore necessary to position its concealer, which one chooses a shade below its complexion, in strategic places.
The influencer therefore begins by applying a line of concealer at the level of the inner corner of the eye and brings it up on the mobile eyelid to the eyebrow arch. The line continues its route above the eyebrow and ends at the temples. A watchword: always draw the line from bottom to top – an essential movement for technique. Then she draws a new line along her nose and works the material up to the lower eyelid. Finally, smaller lines are drawn at the outer corner of the eye, under the nostril, in the hollow of the cheeks and at the outer corner of the lower lip in order to bring this stretched skin effect. The whole thing is then blurred using a make-up sponge. The result is simply stunning and gives the illusion of a lifted and stretched face in just a few minutes.

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