Here is the trick to correctly apply your dry shampoo

Published on August 09, 2022 at 5:28 p.m.

Here is the trick to correctly apply your dry shampoo

Here is the trick to correctly apply your dry shampoo – ©iMaxtree

No, it’s not enough to spray your dry shampoo to get clean and fresh hair in no time. Explanations.

the dry shampoo is a true blessing in the hair world. Perfect subterfuge when we need clean hair quickly, it often gets us out of delicate situations when time is short. Still need to use it correctly. Too heavy a hand, a bad application, and here we are with whitish hair, with a cardboard effect and a powdery feel. Fortunately, the hairdresser and presenter Tom Smith revealed, to the British magazine “Glamour”, his unstoppable tip for an always successful application of dry shampoo.

@glamouruk Wait…have we been using dry shampoo wrong this whole time? Celeb hairstylist @Tom Smith shows GLAMOR how you should *really* be using it. #hairhack #dryshampoohack #dryshampoo #hairtutorial ♬ original sound – British GLAMOR

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Dry shampoo and hair dryer: the perfect combo

Dry shampoo is a combination of absorbent powder particles such as talc, silica or even starch. The goal: to absorb oils and dirt from the scalp to make it cleaner. And in the collective imagination, so that these particles can do their job properly, we think of giving them a lot of time to act. That’s why we got into the habit of leaving our dry shampoo on for several minutes before coming to brush our hair and remove the excess powder. That’s our whole mistake. And for good reason, Tom Smith explains that “these particles do not need to stay in the hair for too long”. Just leave your dry shampoo on for between 1 and 3 minutes only. No more ! We then gently brush our hair before using… a hair dryer. A key step, secret of a successful dry shampoo, which is very often missing from our routine. The expert advises setting the tool to “coldest temperature and fastest air” to effectively remove residue. According to him, “the cold air picks up the particles of dry shampoo (full of oils that made the hair greasy) and literally makes them disappear”.

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