Here is the tip of the moment for a perfect make-up with glasses

Published on July 20, 2022 at 5:39 p.m.

Here is the tip of the moment for a perfect make-up with glasses

Here is the tip of the moment for a perfect make-up with glasses – ©iMaxtree

Thanks to this TikTokeuse, we know how to achieve perfect makeup when wearing glasses.

Wearing glasses can sometimes be restrictive. Although today, they are becoming a fashion accessory in their own right. On the make-up side, they can sometimes serve us cruelly: the products can spread on the glasses, or even completely disappear… In short, they can often discourage us when the desire for an elaborate eye make-up is felt. But that era, when only the lips could be dressed, is now over. The influencer, known as @percievemepls, has indeed shared all her secrets for achieving fantastic and iconic eye makeup, while sporting our pair of glasses.

@percievemepls this is possibly my favorite one #fyp #makeuptutorial #glassesmakeup #glassesproblems #eyeshadowlook #percievemepls ♬ original sound – allxmllr

The trick: keep our accessory in mind

Said like that, it seems almost obvious. And yet, when we embark on our makeup, we quickly forget that it will be completed by our glasses. The TikTokeuse has therefore imagined a simple but original trick. The idea? Start each make-up by redrawing the shape of the lenses of the glasses on his eyes using a concealer lighter than her complexion. The goal ? Have a projection of the glasses and thus ensure that his final make-up will fit perfectly within the framework of these. According to her “it’s the most important part of the beauty look”, she confides to the magazine “Allure”, “by being sure that the final look is within the framework of the glasses, it makes it possible to attract more attention. attention to the eye shadow work to be done”. In the video where she garnered the most views (more than 257,000), the young woman reveals her trick, before coming to create makeup in peach, yellow and blue tones. Always staying in the area she previously drew. And the result is stunning!

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