Here is the ideal duration to shower while taking care of the planet

Published on September 29, 2022 at 10:46 am

Here is the ideal duration to shower while taking care of the planet

Here’s the perfect length of time to shower while caring for the planet – ©gilaxia/iStock

To wash properly while limiting your water consumption, find out the optimal time to spend in the shower.

The cold sets in little by little, and the desire to spend more time under a hot shower also. If some need it to wake up in the morning, others prefer this moment of relaxation in the evening after a day’s work. But a few more minutes spent in the shower have a huge impact on our water consumption. Questioned by Sanex, the number 1 brand recommended by dermatologists, Dr Marie-Estelle Roux, specialized in aesthetic and medical dermatology, revealed the optimal duration of a shower to take care of the planet. Verdict? 5 minutes a day should be enough to wash and rinse.

Choose eco-friendly cleaners

Dr. Marie-Estelle Roux also recommends limiting your consumption of cleaning products: “Use a minimum of cleaning product, for example for a shower gel, a small amount of product in the palm of your hand is enough”, she says. To go even further, the solid cosmetics are a very good alternative to conventional products. “Solid forms generally require fewer preservatives and less packaging. Regarding washing, the solid forms are often soap-free and with a less acidic pH than the liquid forms and are therefore less aggressive to the skin,” she concludes.

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