Here is the essential gesture to obtain a perfect brushing

Published on November 29, 2022 at 11:46 am

Here is the gesture not to forget for an impeccable brushing

Here is the gesture not to forget for an impeccable brushing – ©Prostock-Studio

According to Jonathan Van Ness, star hairdresser on YouTube, a very simple gesture would make it possible to display a brushing worthy of a visit to the salon. Explanations.

The internet is full of beauty tips of all kinds. Make-up, care, manicure or hair, social networks have become the favorite place for beauty addicts to find inspiration on a daily basis. A veritable field of expression, they also allow professionals in the sector to reveal their most secret techniques for achieving beauty enhancements worthy of a visit to an institute. Recently, star hairstylist Jonathan Van Ness took to his Youtube page to share a super simple trick that could dramatically improve his look. brushing. If the hair stylist recommends pre-drying your hair to 80% before working it with a round brush and fixing the final hairstyle with cold air, another of his tips caught our attention.

Carefully select each strand

To obtain a perfect brushing, the hairdresser followed by 222,000 people recommends not to miss this fundamental gesture: to match the width of each lock to the diameter of the hair. brush round used. To do this, simply press the upper end of the brush against the wick you want to work on, then take the right amount of hair so that the section corresponds perfectly to the diameter of the accessory. Final advice? Choose a wide brush to straighten the hair and a narrower brush to achieve a look wavy.

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