Here is the essential care to do before going on vacation

Published on July 21, 2022 at 2:00 p.m.

Here is the essential care to do before going on vacation

Here is the essential care to do before going on vacation – © imaxtree

Popular for several years, the hydrafacial knows a resurgence of interest in summer. We explain why.

The before / after published on Instagram speak for him. L’hydrafacial, this cleansing and moisturizing treatment that promises baby-like skin, has been a real success for several years. We love it for the glow it leaves us with, the deep cleaning and the personalized diagnosis. “The hydrafacial is a real experience. In fact, its patented technology creates a hydradermabrasion to gently polish the skin, extract impurities and simultaneously infuse vitamins. Cell renewal takes place every 28 days, the skin therefore accumulates dead cells, blackheads, excess sebum, pollution and it is important to eliminate all these impurities to make new skin and optimize penetration. active ingredients from creams and serums”, explains Oriane Derrien, trainer for HydraFacial.

The hydrafacial: the care to do before going out in the sun

Recommended for all skin types (sensitive, oily, mature, pigmented or dehydrated), the hydrafacial is always accompanied by a skin health check-up for a tailor-made program. On the recurrence side, it is recommended to perform two to three sessions to obtain the full effects of this treatment. But above all before going on holiday in the sun: “Hydrafacial is ideal for preparing your skin for an even tan, eliminating traces of pollution, giving it radiance and enhancing it,” our expert tells us. When you return from vacation, this technology will also make it possible to cleanse the skin of sunscreen residue and deeply moisturize it.

Namely, some patients allergic to aspirin or seaweed unfortunately cannot receive the treatment, pregnant and breastfeeding women also.

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