Here is the easiest trick to make fake freckles

Published on August 08, 2022 at 11:45 am

Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski – ©instagram @hungvanngo

Seen on social networks, this infallible method makes it possible to display freckles as real as nature.

For several seasons, freckles have taken the lead. While some would dream of getting rid of these small pigment spots, others would give everything to have them. To do so, some rely on a trick based on self-tanning while others prefer use cocoa powder. But to reproduce these ultra-trendy little spots, there is a much simpler and just as effective trick. Popularized on TikTok by the make-up artist @frenchtouchofmakeupthis foolproof method only requires a brown liquid eyeliner and a little setting spray.

@frenchtouchofmakeup Easy freckles ✨#frenchtouchofmakeup #fyp #for you #beautytips ♬ LA FAMA (feat. The Weeknd) – ROSALÍA

How it works ?

To start, grab the eyeliner and draw little freckle-sized dots on your fingertips. Then spray some fixing spray on the points and pat your nose and the top of your cheeks using your fingers. Of course, you can place your freckles wherever you want; all over the face, in the neck or on the collarbone and décolleté. Using your fingers, rather than liquid eyeliner directly on the face, allows freckles to appear more realistic. Simple and effective, this trick is done in less than a minute and lasts all day.

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