Here are some tricks to get rid of the strawberry legs effect

Updated on July 28, 2022 at 4:47 p.m.

Here are some tricks to get rid of the strawberry legs effect

Here are some tips to get rid of the strawberry legs effect Р© Getty РGuido Mieth

After shaving your legs, small blackheads may appear, this is called the “strawberry legs” or “strawberry skin” effect. Here are some tips to make them disappear after waxing.

What is the strawberry legs effect?

If you are a fan of shavingyou may have already noticed these little black spots that appear on your legs after removing your hair. This effect is called “strawberry skin” or “strawberry legs”. Why ? Quite simply for the resemblance to the small pips of the fruit. But then what do these blackheads correspond to and why do they appear? Answer.

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What causes blackheads after shaving?

These traces are caused by the pores of the skin which open after depilation and become clogged via theexcess sebum as well as the accumulation of dirt and bacteria. When they are in contact with the oxidation of the air, they then take on a black color. A phenomenon sometimes accentuated by the regrowth of hair and sometimes even leading to the birth of ingrown hairs.

The solutions to get rid of strawberry legs?

Faced with this phenomenon, do not panic! To get rid of it, there are a few tricks.

A good exfoliation

For a beautiful skin after shaving, do not hesitate to rub the part of the body concerned, using a special brush for the skin. Not only will this provide an exfoliating effect, but it will prevent the appearance of ingrown hairs as well as clogged pores. For even more effect, perform body scrubs which help to avoid redness and this strawberry leg effect.

Adopt the right tools

Shaving is probably the way to remove the hairs that dries the skin the most. To escape any form of dryness, be careful about the razor you use. To avoid the appearance of ingrown hairs, the blades must be new. In addition, favor shaving gels or creams.

Moisturize the skin well

It is also imperative to moisturize your skin well in order to get rid of dead skin. Poor hydration can cause pimples to appear, but it can also clog your pores. If you apply these valuable tips, strawberry legs will be a distant memory.

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