Heat wave: this amazing trick prevents mascara from running

Posted on July 19, 2022 at 10:23 a.m.

Heat wave: this amazing trick prevents mascara from running

Heat wave: this amazing trick prevents mascara from running – ©instagram @makeupxka

While a heat wave has settled in France, an unusual trick that allows you to hold your mascara all day is causing buzz on the networks. Explanations.

Summer has officially arrived. If most of us look forward to this season for its long sunny days, it is quite different when the mercury panics. Sweat, runny makeup, smothered skin… It is not always easy to make your beauty last throughout the day. Faced with this observation, beauty addicts have found a trick that allows them to fix their mascara for several hours even in very hot weather. Having gone viral on TikTok, this effective technique seems to have proven itself. Here’s how to reproduce it.

Loose powder as a base

To display long and voluminous eyelashes throughout the day, all you need is your favorite mascara and a loose powder makeup fixer. Cover the brush with powder then reinsert it into the tube before applying the mascara. Designed to absorb moisture and excess oil, the loose powder helps the mascara resist heat and sweat. However, this technique can quickly turn tragic since the loose powder risks damaging the mascara formula and contaminating your eyes. Luckily, there’s a much more hygienic way to use loose powder as a mascara base. Armed with a brush for the eyeshadow that you impregnate with loose powder, close your eyes and pass it on all your eyelashes. You can then apply your mascara as usual without risking having to throw it away a few days later.

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