Halloween nail art: 15 ideas for creepy nails

Posted on October 19, 2022 at 4:57 p.m.

Halloween nail art: 15 ideas for creepy nails Р© Instagram

For Halloween, dark varnishes and monstrous patterns inspire us with evil manicures. Here are our nail art inspirations for October 31st!

October 31 is approaching and, with it, its famous Halloween party. If we have already set our sights on a frightening costume and a halloween makeup worthy of the name, we still have one thing to define: our halloween manicure. And if we can of course content ourselves with dressing our nails with a simple and classic black, red or orange ink in order to be in the theme, we can also think outside the box and decorate our hands with nail art both trendy and terrifying.

Which nail art pattern to adopt on October 31?

When we talk about Halloween nail art, we quickly realize that two teams are competing. On the one hand, the monstrous manicures where ghosts, bats, zombies and vampires mingle on a sometimes bloody black, white and red background. On the other, manicures with a more colorful color chart (from purple to pink, passing through blue, green or orange) with emblematic motifs of this holiday such as pumpkins, black cats, cobwebs or still the funny skeletons with the airs of Dia De Los Muertos Makeup. In short, there’s something for everyone and that’s evilly cool!

How to reproduce your Halloween nail art?

To make Halloween nail art at home, you can take inspiration from the many tutorials available on the net, but above all bring the right equipment: the appropriate varnish(es), one or more brushes, a fine felt pen, a few stencils or stickers specially designed for the occasion. But the simplest (especially when you choose a most magical pattern) is still to entrust this task to a professional by going to an institute for this horribly special occasion.

Our 15 nail art ideas for Halloween

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