Halle Berry changes her hair color again, and it’s successful

Published on August 16, 2022 at 2:17 p.m.

Halle Berry changes her hair color again, and it's successful

Halle Berry changes her hair color again, and it’s successful – ©OConnor Lisa/AFF/ABACA

For her birthday, the actress treated herself to a hair refresh and the result is sublime.

When it comes to hair, Halle Berry knows it. The actress responds perfectly to the creed “I do what I want with my hair”. One day she wears XXL lengths in a deep brown, the other she displays a honey balayage and fringe curtain. Lately, she’s been showcasing her ultra-short hair adorned with rocky purple coloring. In short, she connects the capillary experiments which are, each time, real successes.
On August 14, when she celebrated her 56th birthday, the interpreter of “Catwoman” unveiled her new hair madness on her Instagram account and the result is as flattering as it is in tune with the times.

Silver tips: the trend adored by Halle Berry

The grey hair are now, more than ever, in vogue. And in a time when self-acceptance is raging and seems to be at the heart of every debate, seeing what has long been a complex for many become trendy makes us feel good! Halle Berry has also taken the plunge. And for good reason, the actress has adopted the latest trend: coloring oyster gray. But unlike the girls on Instagram who wear it all over their hair, the star opts for a reduced version by betting only on her tips.

With its ultra short cut and majestic curls, putting this pearly gray color only on part of her hair creates a contrast while bringing a certain modernity. Another advantage: this method makes it possible to switch to gray hair more gently by making a step-by-step change. Which can be a real source of inspiration and the perfect solution for those who want to take on their silver hair in turn, without changing at all.

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