Half-moon manicure: what if we succumbed to this easy-to-reproduce vintage trend?

Published on November 08, 2022 at 6:28 p.m.

Half-moon manicure: what if we succumbed to this easy-to-reproduce vintage trend? Р© Instagram @

She takes over our feeds and catches our eye with her simple but ultra-chic allure. Tips and inspirations to reproduce the half-moon manicure.

The half-moon manicure, also called lunular, is back in the spotlight. Particularly highlighted in the 1950s by the pin-ups of the time, this trend from the past has been brought up to date in recent weeks. Seen on Olivia Wild in the film Don’t Worry, Darling or by Dita Von Teese and Taylor Swift in the clip “Bejeweled”, she is starting to win our social networks and should not be long in appearing on our hands. The principle ? Cover our nails with varnish, omitting to cover the lunula, the area close to the long matrix which takes the shape of a half-moon (as its name suggests).

How to adopt the half-moon manicure?

Intrigued? Want to take the leap? If you can of course go to an institute to reproduce this nail art, you can also do it at home. Yes, nothing fancy! Start by applying a protective base coat and let it dry. Then just glue eyelets (yes, those sticky little rings that did us a big favor in school) to the nail matrix so that it covers the lunula. Then, place in the color of your choice. Namely that after green, orange and brown, bright red is back. Apply two coats of color and allow to dry before gently removing the stickers. Finish with a coat of top coat transparent. And here you are with the manicure of the moment! And for an even more original version, it is possible, after taking off the eyelets, to apply another color to the lunula. Guaranteed effect.

Our half-moon manicure inspirations

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